Equesure, in partnership with Horse Riders Union

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Equesure, in association with Horse Riders Union

Equesure, in association with Horse Riders Union, can arrange Equine insurance solutions for members of the public who are planning to purchase an elite yearling Horse at the Bolesworth Elite Yearling Auction 30/05/2020.

Purchasing Equine Insurance can help put your mind at rest should an unfortunate incident occur to your horse and can make horse ownership more affordable. If your horse does need to visit the vets, is stolen, strays or the worst happens and your beloved horse dies Equine insurance can help reduce the unexpected and additional cost resulting from such incidents and provide you with extra peace of mind.

Premiums will be underwritten by Axa Insurance (unless advised otherwise) and administered by Equesure. Cover for all horses valued over £3,000 includes extra cover in the event life-saving emergency treatment is required, providing you with an extra £2,500 on top of the standard £5,000 offered per incident (annual policy aggregate remains £10K per year year).

Standard cover will include cover for; death, theft, straying and vets fees with an excess of £300 applicable for vet fee claims (excess and cover levels can be increased or reduced when we speak to you and better understand your demands and needs. All increases or reductions in cover will be reflected in the premiums offered).

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If you are interested in obtaining a quote for your new addition to your family please call us on 01480 587 039. Alternatively, you can fill in the call back form above and Equesure will call you to provide a quotation, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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