Name: Annette Rush

Job Title: Insurance Technician


Interesting Facts about Annette:

  • I am a para-rider and was diagnosed in 2015 with Guillain-Barre Syndrome which affects the lower nervous system
  • I take in failed racehorses and retrain them to become riding horses
  • I really don't like any sauces apart from Mayo!

A horse and rider pulling a person riding a horse board on a rope around a course at a country fair

About Annette:

I started with Equesure Insurance in January as an insurance technician but before that I gained an extensive Equine background working previously at Livery yards, Sales yards and RDA yards.

I studied Equine Management at The College of West Anglia, and gained much of her equine experience there. I also manage a livery yard whilst working at Equesure.


Annette's Horses:

Jake (Eibh’n Abbie)

Jake is a 25 Year-old 16’2 Thoroughbred that I retrained from the track, he’s gone on to win multiple events in many disciplines including horse boarding. He is my main hunting horse at the grand age of 25!

Tarra (Scrimmitarra)

Tarra is a 7 Year-old 15’3 Thoroughbred who I have also retrained from the racetrack. Tarra has successfully competed in SJ, ODE, XC, showing, horse boarding and much more.

Bob (OnwardsAndUpwards)

Bob is a 4 Year-old 17’0 Thoroughbred that also came from Newmarket, I retrained him and he has proven to be a little cracker but he’s enjoying some time out at grass to grow up a little.

Harry AKA One for Harry is a 12 year-old 16’2 Thoroughbred that has come all the way from Scotland to Cambridgeshire. Harry used to be a very accomplished National Hunt Racer but he’s now with me to be retrained and has turned his hoof to the world of eventing.

He’s been with me for two weeks and is already off to his first one day event, he’s proven to be an easy horse that has settled into his new career with ease.

Three images of Annette and her horse jumping different fences

We asked Annette:

What age did you start riding?

I started riding in a little rundown riding school when I was 7, I received a lesson as a birthday present and I never give it up! I got my first horse on loan when I was 13, I bought my first horse in 2017 and I have had horses ever since.


Which disciplines do you take part in?

I enjoy drag hunting, showjumping, cross-country, dressage, showing, One Day Events, fun rides and horse boarding. If it can be done on a horse we will do it! We’ve had a go at polo, horse ball, horse sledging, you name it we’ve done it!


Favourite part of your job?

After working outdoors for the last 8 years I was really looking forward to working indoors as I’m not a fan of the winter weather anymore. So the job with Equesure was perfect as I still get to talk about horses all day as well as staying warm and dry!

I’m still able to put my horse experience to good use plus I may have opportunities to attend events with the team which will be great - I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

Three horse and riders trotting along a muddy trail in the rain

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