Name: Emma Macphee

Job Title: Insurance Technician

Where are you based: Peterborough

Interesting Facts about Emma:

  • I purchased all my horses from Ireland, unbacked and unseen and produced them myself
  • I love hiking
  • Arlo and Arnie were both purchased to be sold on, but have ended up having a home with me for life

About Emma...

I was fortunate enough to be born into the ‘horsey world’ and have been around horses all my life. I have a passion for Connemara ponies and love the process of backing and producing my own.

If I’m not spending time with my horses, I’m spending time in the outdoors somewhere, exploring with my dog Bonnie.

Horses jumping over hedge

A little bit about Emma’s horses:

Name: Arlo

Breed: Connemara

Height: 15hh

Gender: Gelding

Age: 9 yrs


Name: Arnie

Breed: Connemara

Height: 15hh

Gender: Gelding

Age: 6 yrs

White Horse with rider

We asked Emma…

What age did you start riding?

I first sat on a horse when I was a baby, and was out competing my mum’s Connemara in show jumping competitions by the age of 4.

Which disciplines do you take part in?

A variety, but predominately show jumping or eventing.

What is your favourite aspect of horse ownership?

Horses are just good for the soul aren’t they? Always there to cheer you up on the good days and the bad.

What is your least favourite aspect of horse ownership?

Making up haynets, and the mud in winter!

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