As with all motor vehicles in the UK, it is a legal requirement for you to insure your Horsebox in order to drive it legally on the road.

Equesure offer both Comprehensive Insurance cover and Third-Party Fire & Theft Insurance for Horseboxes.

In addition to providing insurance cover that will cover your Horsebox for accidental damage, fire & theft Equesure can also provide you with Horsebox breakdown cover that will recover your Horsebox AND Horse(s) in case you become stranded whilst out and about with your horse(s) onboard (cover is also available at home/livery yard provided home-start cover is purchased).

Some Horsebox insurance policies Equesure sell can also cover you on an ‘any driver over 21’ basis so if you were to fall ill or you are unable to drive your Horsebox for any reason, a friend could drive the horsebox in your place. 

Horsebox Insurance Features & Benefits can include:*

  • Comprehensive and third party, fire and theft
  • Cover for social, domestic and leisure
  • Business use available
  • Limited mileage benefits
  • No claims bonus not required
  • Windscreen cover on comprehensive policies
  • Personal accident cover available on all comprehensive policies
  • Driver aged 17+
  • Values up to £750,000
  • Legal cover available with all policies
  • EU cover included on all policies
  • Breakdown cover including vehicle and horse recovery

*Policy benefits and features offered may vary between insurance schemes or cover selected and are subject to underwriting criteria. 

What level of cover do I need for my Horsebox Insurance?


Equesure offer two levels of cover, Comprehensive cover is the highest-level of cover Equesure offer. Comprehensive cover provides cover for valid claims for accidental damage to your horsebox and will cover any third-party damages caused in the accident.

Comprehensive cover also covers you against damage caused to your Horsebox by your Horse(s) whilst being transported, personal effects, vandalism, windscreen repairs and replacement are also covered under Comprehensive cover.

As with all policies, it is wise to consider your demands and needs from your Horsebox Insurance policy before purchasing a policy to ensure all your needs are met. Our agents will be happy to talk through your needs with you and find you a policy that meets all your demands so why not give us a try?  

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Third Party, Fire & Theft insurance offers cover for damages caused by your Horsebox to ‘third parties’ (other people). Plus, if your Horsebox is a target of arson / accidental fire damage or is stolen (recovered or un-recovered), you would be able to claim for damages caused to your Horsebox or for the theft.

However, Third Party, Fire & Theft insurance only covers damages to your Horsebox caused by attempted theft or Fire and the insurer will NOT cover claims for damage caused by yourself in an accident and your own damage / repairs will not be covered. Third Party, Fire & Theft insurance only covers you for damage you cause on the road to ‘third parties’ (other people) and only the third parties’ vehicle would be covered for damages caused by you in an accident. Damages to your Horsebox would not be covered and you would need to pay for these repairs yourself. If you want insurance that covers damages caused by you to your own Horsebox or damages caused by a third party, you should consider purchasing Comprehensive cover instead and one of our agents will be happy to provide a quotation for both levels of cover enabling you to make an informed decision. 

Please note neither Comprehensive Insurance cover or Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance cover options detailed above protect your horse(s) against death or injury (vet bills) that may occur in the course of loading your horses or in the course of a journey. You need separate horse insurance cover for your horse(s) to cover any such losses.

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Can I insure any type of Horsebox?

Equesure arrange insurance cover for almost all weights and types of professionally built Horseboxes up to the value of £750,000 and we can insure most ‘DIY horsebox conversions’ too, so why not give us a try?

Can I use my Horsebox for business use?

If you are looking to use a horsebox for business use, this must be declared prior to taking out cover. Equesure are able to cover you for certain business uses subject to our insurer’s terms and conditions. If you want a quotation for business use or are unsure as to what constitutes business use, please give us a call on 01480 220 089 during our normal opening hours and chat through your options with one of our agents will be happy to help you.

Why choose Equesure?

Our agents have 60+ years combined Equine experience with all the team currently owning horses, previously owned or loaned horses. You can therefore rest assured our agents will understand your demands and needs, making the process of purchasing Horsebox insurance easier and a more enjoyable process.

Equesure use a panel of Horsebox insurers to obtain our quotations, we offer policies with business use and our policies often do not require a ‘no claims bonus’ as Equesure understand these are often tied up on your everyday vehicle, have expired or cannot be located, so why not give us a try and request a quote now and one of our team will be happy to assist you?

How to get a Horsebox Insurance quote

Getting a horsebox insurance quote is simple, simply complete the ‘request a quote’ form at the top of this page and one of agents will call you back within normal office hours. However, if you need cover urgently, you can call us for an immediate quotation on 01480 220 089 during our normal office hours!

If you submit a ‘request a quote’ form outside of our normal office hours, we will endeavour to contact you within 48 hours and look forward to speaking with you soon!

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