From phone to email to post, there are numerous ways to get in touch. Please click here for a full list of ways to contact us.

Provided you have purchased valid Horsebox Breakdown cover including Home-Start / Stable-Start with your insurance policy (please check your documents) and your Horsebox fails to start at your home address or at your stable / livery yard (provided recorded as the overnight parking location), you will need to call your breakdown provider.

If your policy has a start date before the 28th June 2024 please ring 'Equity Red Star' on 0800 243 783 or 01277 720718 and provide the policyholder's name and Horsebox registration number.

If your policy has a start date from the 28th June 2024 onwards please ring the RAC on 0330 159 8581 and provide the policyholder's name and Horsebox registration number.

If you have requested to receive your documents via email, then you should receive them within 48 hours (check your spam or junk folder if the document are not visible in your inbox). If you have requested to receive your documents in the post, then you should receive them within 7 working days. You can click here to request duplicates be issued. 

We will endeavour to ensure that the Motor Insurance Database is updated within 14 days of your policy being incepted. You can check this by going online to www.askmid.com. Please ensure that the Registration Number is correct when you receive your documents as this can delay the process if it needs to be amended.

Please send any outstanding documents we require either via email by clicking here or send them to us by post, please provide a covering email or letter advising us of the policyholders name, reference number (or postcode) and a brief description of what document(s) you are submitting.

Policies arranged by Equesure Insurance Services do NOT cover driving of other peoples vehicles which is standard with this type of insurance policy.

If unsure, please contact our Customer Service Team, details of how to contact us can be found by clicking here.

The quickest way to submit your No Claims bonus proof or request that we verbally confirm this with your previous insurer is by clicking here and filling out the online form or by calling Equesure on 01480 220089  during our normal opening hours.

By requesting additional documents from you, our Insurers are assessing the overall risk (policy) in greater detail which enables them to offer you lower prices based on your specific personal details. Click here to view what documents are acceptable & also to upload any requested documents.

If you are a client who receives correspondence via e-mail, you should receive an email when all outstanding documents have been processed & are deemed acceptable (check your spam or junk folder if the document are not visible in your inbox). If you have opted to receive your documents via post, we will send a letter by this method as soon as all documents outstanding have been received which should arrive within 7 working days.

If you have opted to pay by instalments, your finance will be offered and provided by Close Brothers Limited trading as Close Brothers Premium Finance. You should receive a Welcome Pack no later than 7 days after the start date of your policy, either by email or post (depending on your document preference), which will provide detailed instructions of anything they require to complete your credit agreement and detail the interest level. If you haven’t received your Welcome Pack by email or post within this timescale, please contact Close Brothers directly directly on 03333 218567

If you default to pay on you monthly direct debit payment, you will be charged a default fee of £25.00 which will be collected with the missed payment. If Close Brothers are unable to collect a payment, they may cancel your agreement. You could incur a cancellation fee of £15.00 and you will be liable for all sums owing and any other charges.

We may be able to perform various amendments to your policy, for example changing the vehicle on cover, updating your address, or adding additional drivers. Please note that many of our policies are specialist policies that will only cover similar risks to that which you have insured. For example, many of our Horsebox policies will only cater for like-for-like vehicles, such as another type of Horsebox. If we are unable to amend your existing policy, we will look at all other options available to you, including the option to cancel and replace with a new insurer, who will accommodate your needs.

All mid-term changes will incur an Administration fee of up to £35.00 and we will be unable to proceed with any amendment without payment.

You can email us at contactus@Equesure.co.uk providing your name, reference number or postcode and advising us when you want the policy cancelled from (we can only accept instruction to cancel via email if the email is sent from the email address we hold on file) alternatively click here for other ways to contact us to discuss your cancellation.

Insurers vary in what charges they apply when cancelling a policy: We have those that offer 'short-period' where a percentage of the premium is retained based on the number of months cover you have had, and policies calculated on a 'pro-rata' (daily) basis. The cancellation terms offered can be viewed in your policy booklet or IPID, which forms part of your New Business pack.  Please note that any insurer charges will be in addition to our policy Arrangement & Cancellation fees Equesure apply (details of which can be found in your Terms of Business Agreement) and you will also find details of what happens to any non-refundable add-ons purchased dependent on when the policy cancelled.

All cancellations processed within the 14 day cooling off period will be subject to a £20 cancellation fee.
All cancellations processed outside the 14 day cooling off period will be subject to a £50 cancellation fee.

If you are unable to make any payment towards the policy, you will need to call our Customer Service Team on 01480 220089 within 7 days of the policy being cancelled and we can discuss what payment options are available.

If you paid in full last year you DO NOT need contact us if you wish you renewal / policy to lapse, however if you have had a cheaper price elsewhere or are thinking of leaving Equesure, please call our Renewals Team during our normal opening hours on 01480 220089 as we would like to be able to review your quotation and see if we can do any better. Sometimes, over the course of a year, your needs can change, and any changes could result in more discount being available.

If you are paying by Direct Debit your policy WILL automatically renew, and you will need to let us know prior to the renewal date if you wish to lapse the policy. This can be done by emailing us at contactus@Equesure.co.uk  ensuring us you provide your name, reference number or home postcode and advising how you would like to proceed (we can only take email instruction to lapse a policy from the email address on your file), alternatively to discuss your renewal call our Renewals Team on 01480 220089 during our normal opening hours. If you do not contact us, the policy WILL automatically renew and if you then opt to cancel, any charges applicable will apply.

Equesure Insurance Services is an insurance intermediary - a trading name of Insurance Factory Ltd.  What this means is that we act like a broker for a panel of insurers, but we have delegated authority to issue documents & act on their behalf to administer and adjust policies. Please refer to our Terms of Business Agreement for more details.

If you have recently cancelled your policy or received a renewal notice, your No Claims Bonus entitlement will be displayed on either the renewal invitation or on a letter attached to your cancellation letter.  Alternatively, you can click here and complete the online form or call us on 01480 220089 during our normal opening hours. We will be unable to issue any Proof of Bonus until your existing policy has expired.

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