Name: Kate Bissett

Job Title: Insurance Technician


Interesting Facts about Kate:

  • I wanted to be a midwife before I got my horses
  • I prefer being the groom at shows rather than competing
  • I have an addiction to getting chestnut horses


About Kate

Kate is a new member to the team, she has always loved horses. She worked and helped out at 3 different yards, all riding schools with VERY different horses, in 2014 she gave up horses and concentrated on her GCSEs. But in 2016 she realised she couldn’t keep away and was back at the yard. Kate would much rather spend her time with her horses than people.

Kate with her horses Blue and Lenny


A little bit about her horses:

  1. Lenny used to compete in novice dressage
  2. Blue is Lenny’s third company
  3. They have 35 rugs between them including lightweights, heavyweights, fly and fleeces (I’m a hoarder)


is 16hh 17 year old chestnut Hanoverian.


is 13.2hh 18 year old chestnut welshie.


We asked Kate…


What age did you start riding?

I started riding lessons when I was 7 years old, I loved it so much my mum got a second job just to pay for it! In July 2017 I got Lenny and he’ll be my forever horse, I got Blue in July 2018.

Once I’d passed my GCSEs and my driving test I helped look after my friend’s horses, riding and doing yard chores. Learning the hard way that horses do not have days off! (I was on mucking out duty on Christmas day)


Which disciplines do you take part in?

Lenny has just turned 17, so we just hack, jump and take part in small hunter trials. He is a complete gentleman so will give anything a go. He was a dressage horse for 8 years so we’re just taking it slow these days.

Blue is Lenny’s companion, he is ridden by my friends children but he can be a little monkey, although he is a sweetie and looks just like Lenny! He has head shaking syndrome which makes him practically un-rideable in the summer.


Favourite part of your job?

After working at several yards in all weathers it’s nice to work with horses but inside… how many other people get to go to work and talk about the thing they love most!

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