Name: Paula Frazer

Where are you based: West Midlands

Your day job: Quality Unit Administration team leader at University of Northampton

Interesting Facts about Paula:

  • I started riding all thanks to a donkey who ran off with me on the beach when I was 4
  • I have given an elephant a bath, fed Binturongs, a Red Panda and hand fed some Armadillos
  • I’ve fell off 39 times in the first year of owning my first pony
  • My family is completely non-horsey (they are all scared of horses) so I learnt from scratch, but I ensure my horses receive the best care I can give them.

About Paula...

I am a complete animal lover, who enjoys meeting different animals through experiences at farms and zoos. I have a combined Honours Degree majoring in Business Studies and Minoring in Equine Studies (I couldn’t bear to do 3 years of study without some equine involvement!).

I recently moved counties to buy my own small stables and with my partner on side, I’m enjoying the journey of making it our own even though it is tough work at times with three horses and two rescue dogs! I’m also an amateur showjumper who has been competing since I was 9 years’ old.

A little bit about Paula’s horses:

Name: Bob

Breed: Irish Sports Horse

Height: 17hh

Gender: Gelding

Age: 17

Brown Horse


Name: Autumn

Breed: Anglo Arab

Height: 15.2hh

Gender: Mare

Age: 25

Woman on horse


Name: Aria

Breed: Hanoverian x Warmblood

Height: 16.1

Gender: Mare

Age: 13

Brown horse


We asked Paula…

What age did you start riding?

About 4 years old, after showing a good seat and able to control a runaway donkey who decided to take me for a gallop across the beach away from the rest of the group – the handler told my dad to get me on a horse quick and I’ve never looked back!

Which disciplines do you take part in?

Showjumping, Showing and fun rides, we have tried Dressage but I will admit it is not my strong point. Autumn is now slowing down so she covers the showing and fun rides, Bob is the show jumper and also a bit of showing, and Aria will be doing the fun rides.

What is your favourite aspect of horse ownership?

Building a close bond/trust with each of my horses, knowing their characters and playful habits and knowing that I can spot the slightest change in their behaviour. I also enjoy the feeling of freedom when you go for a good gallop with the wind in your hair, there’s no better way to blow away the cobwebs and stresses.

What is your least favourite aspect of horse ownership?

Winter – getting soaked and covered in mud and mucking out stables. Although flies in the summer is another huge dislike.

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