The she devil, has been just that again this week! Bolshy and temperamental in hand and during her schooling sessions. She gave me a huge battle during one schooling session where she decided to forget what walk was, along with her manners. Lots of galloping, squealing and fly bucking in my direction which did not please me at all. My improving mare had turned into a wild beast hell bent on leaving a hoof mark on my forehead! Much to her dismay I was a bit too quick for her and my stubbornness also won. I let her have her moments, continually pushing her out and away from me by voice and lunge whip. Eventually she realised she was getting nowhere and began to settle. She did some nice work over the poles to help strengthen her back end but it certainly was not my favourite schooling session. It is difficult and challenging to work with her at times but as long as I’m consistent and persist against her naughty behaviour, we seem to make progress, although at times it is slow.


Autumns a bit happier as I’ve got her back on a balancer I tried her with that we won at your horse live – Blue Chip Senior Balancer – I noticed a marked improvement with her when being on it as she moved a lot better when being schooled and did not seem as stiff, so definitely going to keep her on it.


We have another show coming up at the weekend which I am aiming to take Bob to as he seems to be improving each time. Fingers crossed the weather doesn’t get too bad here and we can get out! We have the farrier in a couple of days too, as long as the snows not too bad, and I’m looking forward to see how Aria behaves for front shoes again! Her feet have definitely improved since having the shows on last time, with no cracks or foot soreness so hopefully in a few months we can brave back shoes too (providing my farrier is safe to do so and she’s calmed her temper a bit more haha).

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