Training Update

Another successful week of training by the troublesome (or not so much in this case) trio!


I braved taking Bob out on the road with my friend’s pony -he's not been out for a fair few months mainly due to my confidence sadly. A shaky start due to an impatient car but after that his confidence blossomed and although a bit tense, he did not put a hoof wrong. Good lad!


Aria had another venture out round the village too in hand, behaving very well with her Hi Vis orange sheet on :) and she wasn’t fazed by anything at all which was amazing! Bob will be out this weekend as well for some show jumping fun so let's hope all the flatwork we have been doing has made a difference! Fingers crossed!

Aria "enjoying" her dental check-up!

Aria "enjoying" her dental check-up!

The Dentist

We had an equine dentist visit as well this week, all of the horses were impeccably behaved considering they had not experienced electric rasps before. Bob was a bit apprehensive as he can be evasive of noisy appliances such as clippers but once the rasp was in his mouth he wasn't too bothered, it was just when out of his mouth he didn’t take too kindly to it.


Autumn was brilliant initially then decided to throw a few rears to show her disdain before settling down. Finally Aria, well what can I say she is a changed horse! A few minor protests but she soon accepted the process.


From the visit, the dentist shared some ‘homework’ for me to help calm Bob to the noise (which will hopefully help me with his clipper fears too) and I have been instructed to clean Autumn’s gums daily for a couple of weeks to help keep her old nashers in good order.  Apart from that all of the horses received a clean dental sign off – phew!

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