After the worst winter I can remember and first winter with the horses at home, with no facilities, i had to give up, keep the horses in most of the time and abandon riding for 6 weeks.

With the recent loss of my thoroughbred and a jumping clinic booked, I had a what the hell moment, jumped on him Wednesday - pretty hair raising ride, jumped on him Saturday - slightly less hair raising and off we went jumping on the Sunday.

Just to refer back to an earlier blog, Travis does not jump and I had completely abandoned the idea in about August to focus on his dressage.

Turns out my what the hell moment paid off and the boy was amazing.

We kept the jumps small, and gradually built the jump numbers up and within 45 minutes we were jumping a 70cm course with fillers!

Maybe he could be that all rounder after all, but time to get back to those 20m circles! 


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