Well we have news on the horsebox – we have sourced an engine!

Yipee! It has arrived at my garage and they are doing the necessary bits to get the old boy back on the road! I can’t lie – I will be so happy when I get it back (despite the £’s it is costing!) as I’m desperate to get us back out again.

I’m contemplating taking the giant out for some dressage but am concerned we may miss our chance :( before Christmas, as I’m not sure the repairs will be done in time but if we do its okay as we have more time to practice and can go out jumping instead! 

I’ve already started writing the shows on the calendar, and my partner is wondering if he will get any breaks in December lol (I suppose I will have to allocate one day for the Christmas shopping!).

I did come across some nice news the other week, on reading the riding club newsletter I came across the clubs championship results, and was shocked to see we had got reserve champion in one of the jumping sections!

I unfortunately couldn’t make it to the annual meeting a month or so ago as I had to go out for my partners birthday present I bought him (a murder mystery evening - I didn’t know what I roped myself in for as some how we both ended up as part of the cast with costumes and lines!)

so it was a nice surprise to read it in the newsletter!

We’ve been battling with the mud as I’m sure many of you have recently with all the wet weather, and the mares are becoming bad tempered at bringing in time. Meaning they gallop about and use the area by their gate as a skid plane – causing it to become boggier by the day!

So just to be safe Autumn has been kitted out in her Equilibrium close contact chaps as I don’t want to risk any mud fever this winter.

I’m hoping they eventually settle in to the routine soon so they know that I don’t forget about them and they are always brought in (just not always to their specific timings the divas!), otherwise my kite flying skills may be required again as Autumn throws all kinds of shapes down the walk way whilst being lead in with Aria at the mere thought of being last in.

I think she’s exceptionally full of it at the minute as I braved a small clip on her the other day (and this always makes her hyper for a few days) - definitely not my best work, but I’ve decided once Bob is done (he has an Irish clip as he does get hot) I will have another go at hers to try to tidy it up and take a bit more off.

Bob’s been behaving well recently – I actually like the dark evenings for riding, once I have put my lights up and get aboard he is a lot more focused and less distracted (probably because he can’t see anything outside).

It is so nice to have him listening instead of spooking at leaves, or bits of hay blowing across the drive! We did have one little spook as it was just turning dark the other evening as two yes TWO whole leaves decided to fall down from a tree and float a little bit in the air before landing in the arena!

Wow he jumped out of his skin (but didn’t do anything else hurrah) and was a bit tense for a couple of circles before he dared venture back into that area again in case another one fell on him! The wimp! (Pics show how unimpressed he is at still having to work even in the dark!).

I have been having one issue whilst riding in the evening though – I’m getting terribly cold legs – mainly the tops of my thighs (feet etc fine though?!).

They feel cold when I finish riding, then after sorting the horses and going home they are still cold, and in the shower I come out in lots of bumps and chill blains.

So I think I will definitely need to invest in some thicker breeches – if anyone know of any good winter ones please let me know as they will be on my Christmas list for definite- I’ve seen a few recommended on Facebook so will definitely be having a look at those but welcome further suggestions!

Now to also start gathering ideas on what to get the neddies and dogs for their Christmas pressies….ha anyone bought their pets presents yet?


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