So what have we been up to in the last few weeks?


Autumn and I attended our first riding club summer show this month, where, despite not having done showing for a fair few years, we tried our hand at the Riding Club Horse Class…well, she only went and won it!! Top Girl! It was just an incredible feeling.

We then zipped from the showing site over to the Show Jumping ring where she was brilliant again scooping a second and a third in her classes (despite the heat) and qualifying us for the Great Midlands show!

I then took her out to the Riding club show jumping and despite the howling winds and rain (bit of a change eh?!), she was raring to go and won both of her classes! Glad the old gal is back on form!


Bob has been on flatwork duty to improve his responsiveness which he is now excelling at, and has finally learnt that trot/canter poles are for going over calmly (not flooring it towards them and launching into space over), it’s a simple thing but he has struggled with them, probably due to his past, so this is major tick in the achievement box! He was out competing mid of August so we had a date to work towards!

What a good girl Autumn!

What a good girl Autumn!

And finally Aria, well the little she-devil is becoming an angel! How you ask? She has been trialling a new supplement from Equilibrium called SimplyMare, and the changes I am finding in her are fantastic! So much calmer and friendlier (my partner has survived several field encounters with her now) and the farrier left with all fingers, toes and bones in tact!! Major improvement and she’s only 2 weeks in to the trial. Her flatwork is coming along brilliantly too, so next test of the temperament…finally climbing aboard - positive thoughts please!

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