Horses and humans have been working and living closely as one for thousands of years. Over that period we have gone through many revolutions and innovations together. And so, at the beginning of the 21st century, developments in technology have created far-reaching changes in all areas of life including the equine world.

From training management to monitoring your horse’s health and riding performance there are apps to help you get the best from your horse. So, as well as arranging the perfect horse rider insurance before you next ride out, download one of these apps and see what an effect it can have.


For fitness and performance


With the claim to ‘capture every hoofbeat’ this is a very popular app with horse riders across all disciplines. Simply take your phone with you while riding and it’ll record your route and track your horse's movements (such as gait distribution, speed and strides per minute). You can monitor your horse’s training progress and connect with friends, co-riders, farriers, vets and trainers. It also includes a safety tracking option to give your team peace of mind while you’re riding. You can integrate it with health apps and link it to your smartwatch.


For horse health


Caring for such precious and sensitive creatures means you need to carefully monitor their health and well being. And there are few better ways than through the Trackener 24/7 horse monitoring app and device. Trackener analyses your horse’s health round the clock and is an ideal way to give an early warning of issues or anxiety.

Place the device in a bib or sleeve worn by the horse and it will soon provide you with unprecedented insights into your equine’s life. It’ll let you remotely monitor their health and provide you with real-time alerts if there are any issues needing your immediate attention. It can be a real lifesaver for things like early detection of colic.

Along with apps and devices such as this, horse rider insurance is also important for keeping you protected from the financial fallout after an accident or injury.

A horse grazing in a field on a sunny day

For when out on a hack

Horse Riding Tracker

Just as runners like to track, map and compare their performance so do horse riders!

This app lets you measure distance, duration and speed while also allowing you to document your hack with photos and notes via your iPhone or Apple Watch.

This provides not only wonderful memories but also lets you playback, analyse and compare training sessions.


OS Maps

When out on a hack it’s often useful to consult a map of your route and work out how long it will take. This free app provides zoomable high-res Ordnance Survey mapping and GPS to let you check you haven’t taken a wrong turn. Perfect for long distance and endurance riders. It’s also useful even when you’re on foot or in a car.


For eventing

TestPro British Eventing

Whether you dread learning dressage tests or are simply looking for an easy, user-friendly way to prepare then TestPro could be the app for you.

Useful both in or out of the saddle this app lets event riders learn the transitions and movements in a truly immersive way.

You can either listen to the test or watch it being drawn out on your device. All the British Eventing tests are preloaded and any updates are added immediately so you’ll always know you’re learning the right test at the right time.



A highly regarded app perfect for eventers lets you record your cross-country course walk on your device using GPS. Y

ou can also add photos, videos and comments – perfect for competition preparation. Guided course walks are also downloadable so you can share them with fellow riders for discussion.

A horse and rider out hacking on a dirt path between two lines of trees

For gaps between events

Eventing Manager

It can’t all be work, work, work for eventing fans. Sometimes you need some downtime and what better way to spend it than with this addictive game from EquiRatings.

Simply download the app, select your eventing team and join a league. You’ll soon be spending hours planning your tactics ahead of real-life competitions!


For safety

Horse Rider SOS

Whether a leisurely weekend hack or a punishing cross-county route you really shouldn’t leave home before arranging horse rider insurance or downloading a safety app.

This app will track your progress but comes into its own if you fall off and can't move. It immediately goes into alert mode and messages your emergency contacts with your precise location.



This great app should probably be on everyone’s phone, whether horse rider or not. The app splits the whole world into a grid and gives every 3x3-metre square a unique three-word address.

This makes it simple for anyone to quickly and easily give their location with pinpoint accuracy. There have already been many reported cases where people’s lives have been saved through the use of this app.


For rewarding riding


The Huufe app is touted as both a social media and riding safety app for equestrians. Huufe lets you create profiles for you and your horse, post videos and photographs and share with friends.

However, its innovative feature is that you can earn rewards for riding. Each time you ride you can earn HuufeCoin that you can then spend on horse gear.

There are also safety features and the ability to instantly report issues to the British Horse Society.

Two adults and a child riding horses in riding gear through the entrance to a field

Protect yourself through Equesure

As well as downloading one or more of these apps, horse rider insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your equine companion. With over 60 years of experience in the insurance market, our understanding team can offer you a bespoke insurance policy with options tailored for your particular needs.

Whether you enjoy nothing more than a relaxing hack or the thrill of a competitive event, Equesure can arrange insurance for anyone who rides.

We offer personal accident cover up to £10,000 for juniors and £20,000 for adults while policies from our varied and trusted panel of insurers can also cover emergency vet fees up to the value of £1,500.

Request a quick quote or give our team a call today.

Policy benefits and features offered may very between insurance schemes or cover selected and are subject to underwriting criteria. Information contained within this article is accurate at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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