Took the big lad out for a jumping the lesson last weekend which was fab as he hadn’t been out for a few weeks due to the horsebox battery failing on the last show day!

He was remarkably calm initially, doing some beautiful calm trot work in perfect outline with no rushing (I was very suspicious), but once it came to the canter– he was back to his normal self and woke up, being very spritely! The jumping was quicker but I am getting better at holding him to fence; I didn’t realise but sometimes when I get worried I throw the reins to him a couple of strides out towards the fence which ends up in him rushing and normally having a pole. We worked on this area with my instructor reminding me on approaches to the fences, and I was so pleased that I began to get out of the habit and although a bit of a battle – I had more control to the fences! Practice will be required here but fingers crossed we will get to the point where it comes naturally. We did have a few poles down whilst practising this but it has been a very valuable learning curve and I could already see the benefits as the lesson progressed.

He also decided to shock my instructor with his scope; part of the course was 2 fences, an upright - three strides then a big oxer (still haven’t been told the height but know It was 1m+). Well Bob decided he had masses of scope and each time despite reluctance from his rider, he jumped the upright so huge that it was only 2 strides to the oxer – which he cleared beautifully every time. On one occasion I was told he jumped so high we cleared the wings (they were about 5ft!!), and to make it even better I stayed on each time – wohoo! My instructor was pleased at our progress as the initial lesson we had the fences were only about 70cm, to our second lesson jumping 90cm fences and even bigger oxers, apparently the confidence and trust in one another has really begun to show and although there is the odd battle we are progressing well! We have a gridwork lesson this weekend to see if we can try to slow him down- wish me luck 😊

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