I could not be more excited - the new horse Beanie jumps! He is brave, he is coordinated, he is balanced and he seems to really enjoy it!

This was one of the biggest reasons for getting a second horse. I really love doing a bit of everything, and Travis is just not interested, he can't jump and he won't jump (unless we are following another horse over 1m of XC fences).

If we are out there solo, or faced with a 40cm filler then he just won't go without a stupid amount of hand holding and encouragement, which definitely takes the fun away - for both of us.

So we went to a clinic with the intention of popping some cross poles and seeing where his ability was at and finished the hour at 85cm combinations!

This was a big push and we will definitely take a step back now to build on his muscle and form, but he was confidently taking me into every fence with his ears pricked and a lot of enthusiasm, totally unphased by all wings, fillers and combinations!

So here's to a our first clear round in a few weeks! *Excitedly squeals*

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