Ben is still settling in really well, and now with some restrictions lifted I have lots of plans to get him out hacking.

I am really hoping these hacks will steer his brain completely away from racing, which is deeply engrained and I often forget until I take up too much rein contact.

It has really started to occur to me the chalk and cheese of horses I have in every way imaginable! Personality, Ben is classic racehorse, he like to trot a side at all times, never strong, just springs in his hoofs.

He will enjoy a cuddle while laying down, but certainly doesn't want to come near you when he is out in the field, he is too worried you might catch him. Travis on the other hand is like walking a dog, he will run over to you with just a call, mostly in the hope you have food of treats, will walk on the end of the lead rope behind you dragging his heels, and doesn't have an ounce of 'yeehaa' when you turn him out!

To ride, Ben is still very green, straight lines are a slinky wobble, while rein contact is difficult and holding an outside rein is almost impossible, he actually has a naturally slow unbalanced trot, which is very hard to push on, as pushing on with rein contact means GO and without means 'rush'!

Travis (spook) on the other hand (spook) is a horse that requires (spook) your undivided attention (spook)…… if you get the picture! He needs ALL the outside rein contact to know you are there and feel safe, but zero inside rein contact or he still stress. He needs all the leg contact to keep the hind engaged and stop him from falling on your face and he needs you to sit as quiet as a mouse!

And nothing is harder to get used to than their size difference! Despite both being 16hh at the wither, Travis is like my comfy pair of slippers, where as Ben is like a pair of stilettos, and it won't be last time I fall straight out the side door i'm sure! 


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