I wanted to get Travis back out to competition environments, but he definitely wasn't ready for BD novice, his fitness is not up to scratch to carry those huge plough horse shoulders in any sort of elevated manner, so we dusted off (literally) the show gear, and thought this was a great way to get him out and be physically less demanding. I am very glad we went and used the opportunity as he was a very naughty so and so - even rearing so high he pulled my friend up off the floor! But he shone where it mattered and we managed to get a 1st in the hunter class and a 3rd in the solid colours class. We were definitely too tired to hang around for the championship class, but for a first time out, to a competition properly this year, it was great to do something new. Now time for BD this weekend, time to dust off the posh clothes and dance our socks off, on very limited practice and even more limited fitness! No more delays or excuses now! 

On the subject of something new we are now officially a small holding, we already had a few chickens, and a large vegetable patch, but now we have our first sheep. I am completely new to sheep ownership, so we just have 2 x 12 week old rams for this year, to build a bond, make them horse, dog, child tame before we get some ewes next year and start breeding.Black sheep

I am blown away with how affectionate they are in only 7 days of being here. The horses definitely aren't sure what to make of them, but they sure are jealous of their little paddock which currently has the most grass! We have definitely reached maximum capacity at Homestraight Paddocks with 14 animals! Now to actually get the house finished!

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Paula's Blog - Spoilt neddies again

Paula's Blog - Spoilt neddies again


The trio have been raiding my bank account the past couple of weeks with a full hay delivery, 20kg bag of treats (lasts the a fair few months), farrier, and they were also treated to a back session each with a McTimoney practitioner as I wanted them given a good once over (think I need one too at this rate).

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