I think the mild autumn, has caused a grass sugar rush to the head of Travis and Ben! They are acting like naughty youngsters earning themselves both some time on the naughty step. Do you ever just know before you have even tacked up that you are about to have one of 'those' rides! Well that is these two. I will actually be glad when the grass looses some green!

horse in field

I took Ben out to unaffiliated jumping and we certainly was not shy of speed or scope, but we definitely lacked .... finesse! We cut a lot of corners and took out a lot of strides, but we had no refusals, which for his 2nd ever full course is great, as there were some scary jumps, fillers and skinny gates to overcome.

Jumping horse

Then I took Travis out hunting. Something I was already feeling a little apprehensive about, as the one and only time we had been before, we managed to snap our reins and run backwards at the meet, knocking the Hunt master over! However, 4 years has passed, 4 years of maturing, 4 years of training, surely things would be better, surely it couldn't be worse. Well tell that to the still sore blister on my heel, after walking well over a mile, from abandoning the hunt and making our own way back to the lorry, after being completely out of control for 8km!


Then I come home from work one evening to find, not one but 2 trashed rugs and a completely trashed fence. Thanks Boys!

American quater horse

American Quarter Horse

I still have to pinch myself sometimes, I can't believe I actually have my very own American Quarter Horse. His name is Play N Spark, stable name is Django and I just cannot wait for our future and journey together learning the ropes of Western riding. I have been taking lessons for a little while now and completely fallen in love with the riding, the training, the horses, the style, just everything. It is so exciting to be learning something so new to me, after 25 years of horses, it really is a hobby that never stops giving. 

He has such an old head on little shoulders. He travelled here amazing, he has settle in a stable amazing and has enjoyed being out in the field next to his buddies. Next step is the farrier, some more lead training and hopefully being turned out soon with the bigger boys!

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