So I did it, a slight impulse buy, but i'm so pleased. I have had Travis for 3 years now and in 25 years of horses, he is honestly my horse of a lifetime, he makes me smile and proud to own him every single day HOWEVER/BUT he really is hard work!

I mean he spooks at everything, regularly colics, he doesn't travel too well, he doesn't stand tied up, he doesn't hack, he doesn't jump, has taken 3 solid years to do a comfortable canter, he is not a pick up put down horse, he definitely doesn't meet the criteria of "all rounder" and he most definitely HAS vices.

So here I am with a new horse, one that will jump, hack, travel, stand still, friends can hop on, I can pick up and put down.... I hope!.... So, actually I bought an ex-racer, who hasn't been sat on for a few months and not really done anything for 18 months! Luckily and so far, he travels well, stands well tied up, hasn't spooked at anything, and has let me have 3 quiet rides in a open field, so I would say, so far, so good!

Hopefully a winter of light work to up the weight and fitness and by spring, I will have the all rounder I wanted! And if he isn't quite all that, then at least he can't be harder than owner Travis, Right?!

Welcome to the family Beniamino aka Beanie, 8 yrs old, 16hh ex Point to Point Racer from Ireland!

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