Climbing Aboard!!


So at the end of my last blog, I was hesitantly considering climbing on board Aria for the first time. So did I or didn’t I?

Well what can I say, I’m ecstatic!! The impossible became possible and I did manage to get aboard and sit on Aria for the first time.

I felt so privileged to be her first ever rider, and had an overwhelming sense of pride knowing we had both worked so hard to get to this one moment. It has been a long time coming though, as Aria has had problems with the strength of her back legs and this will be something on going that with correct work will hopefully rectify.

We do have a long road ahead still, which I won’t rush, she’ll need to learn leg aids as despite her understanding of my commands from the ground, she was a bit confused when I was in the saddle - when asked to walk forward we seemed to go in reverse… a lot! Although we had some beautiful moon walk practice ha!

Aria waiting patiently for a treat!

Autumn proved her awesomeness again by escorting one of our friends and her pony on a stroll around the village, she’s a great horse for helping to boost confidence in both riders and equines. A lovely ride was had by all in the glorious early morning sunshine (before it warmed up too much) and it made a lovely change to schooling.

Bob has been brilliant again this week with his flatwork, all calm and no rush, and most importantly - no spooking at all! As a treat he’s been allowed to do a little more jump practice and he’s progressing incredibly well. Following on from being able to calmly go over trot poles, Bob can now approach a 2’6 fence at the trot and he’s finally understood that we do not have to fly at all jumps at full pelt! It’s also so much easier to see his stride on approach hurrah!

I’m that pleased with his progress that I thought I’d go mad and take him to the local Equestrian Centre in 2 weeks to do a few Show Jumping rounds – fingers crossed he remembers his training and doesn’t get too affected by the atmosphere! I’m really looking forward to having some fun with him :)

Bob enjoying the last of the summer sun

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