I know I’m biased, but I don’t think I’ve ever found such a funny duo as my two boys. They actually make me belly laugh sometimes with the mischief they get up to when they are together.

So much so it means that, in the winter, when they are out on grass, they have to be in separate fields, because all they do is play, and playtime on wet winter fields means one thing: MUD. One day, I actually decided to pop them out together (to be nice), and then felt the regret when I went to bring them in and what was a nice green field now resembled a mud pit. I felt like crying, and that was the last time I felt like being nice.

White horses

A bonus for us is that over winter we do use the arena/sand pen and trash field, if the fields are particularly wet, and I don’t mind putting them out together in those. It does mean they can then play together, as horses should. And I do love seeing it. As soon as they go down on to their summer fields, they’ll be back in with one another, and hopefully they haven’t got too long to wait now.

They just have such personalities, and you can see the mischief in their eyes with whatever they feel like getting up to. Do your horses ever do anything that genuinely makes you laugh out loud? And sometimes want to cry too?

Arnie is 100% the antagonist. He winds Arlo up whenever he feels like it, much to his enjoyment. It’s 100% a brotherly type of relationship and, depending what mood Arlo is in, it always just goes one way or the other!

I’m so lucky to have them both, carnage and all.

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