I’m not sure about anyone else but I lose all motivation in winter, and although I quite happily look after the boys day in, day out, I just don’t feel like riding like I do in the spring/summer/autumn. Anyone else?


It’s normally when the dark nights start drawing in. I get to the yard about 15:30 and by this time it’s already getting dusky. I still have to muck out and get the stables prepped as they are turned out for me in the morning, and by the time I’ve done all of this it’s dark. To top it off this winter, nearly every day it has been raining and when I already have a lack of enthusiasm this just normally cements it.

Because of this it means my boys normally get through a lot of the winter months with a heavily reduced amount of work. Do I feel guilty for it? No. Do they mind? No. In fact, I think it does them some good – some downtime never hurt anyone, did it? And they always come back into full-time work feeling good (after we’ve got the initial “Am-I-going-to-get-floored?” sessions out the way).

Arlo is sometimes the exception., at least come January, if I plan to get out hunting, as I need to get his fitness back up. Normally, after the Christmas break, I’m feeling a little refreshed and have a bit more enthusiasm to get back into the saddle.

I just think: why push ourselves to ride if we really aren’t feeling it? Horses are hard enough work as it is without forcing yourself to enjoy something because you feel you have to.

Of course, everyone has their own opinion, and some people are happy to ride in all weathers – that’s just not me and I’m fine with that, as are my boys. Roll on spring!

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