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Equesure launches new insurance policy for horse trailers up to £15,000

Equine insurance specialist now able to offer live prices and immediate cover

Equesure Insurance has launched a new insurance product for horse trailers valued up to £15,000. The latest addition to the Equesure product range also covers horse trailers fitted with cooking facilities at considerably lower rates than previously offered.

The product includes accidental damage, fire and theft as standard and can be supplemented with vehicle breakdown cover and recovery of horses and trailers from any UK location, including home and stable start. In addition, trailers can be kept away from home overnight, depending on the postcode and parking arrangements, and receive 90 days’ EU cover.

Equesure can provide customers with a quote and cover immediately should their horse trailer require cover urgently. The new Horse Trailer product, which is underwritten by KGM, enables customers to receive their policy documents almost instantaneously via email.

Maurice Gosney, Equesure Brands Manager, said: “These are exciting times at Equesure. Our new Horse Trailer product allows us to cover a greater range of horse trailers than we previously could, including those fitted with gas or electric cooking facilities. And we’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers live pricing and instant cover. This will make for a faster, smoother and more efficient customer journey.”

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