The weather hasn’t been very kind to us these past few weeks since the move, I think we have had 1 full dry day – let’s hope Spring is on the way with some drier days or the horses may have to learn some Aqua Aerobics!

The constant rain has meant the fields have been very bad in terms of mud and surface water meaning the trio have been on stable lock down much to their (and my) annoyance (they trash their stables during the day – I think they have a competition between them as to who can do it the worst!).

Bob was very cheeky over his stable door, pulling towels down, biting the water pipe and having tantrums! Autumn handled it a bit better aside from after dinner time when I was a few minutes late getting her feed ball to her!

She is such a diva when things are not done to her liking and she is not prioritised over the other two! Aria has been stroppy – no change there! As she has a slightly smaller stable than the other two I cordoned off part of the yard so she is visible to the other two and still has access to her stable – but can wander around to stretch her legs.

This works well for her but not so much for my partner if he arrives at the yard before me as she likes to chase him around (it’s very funny to watch but I don’t tell him that) lol!

I’ve exercised them a bit in the make shift arena but unfortunately that too has been quite wet and become deep and slippy in places, I am itching to get back in the saddle ASAP.

There is a light on the horizon though….We have had some quotes for an arena hurrah, and we have a couple of companies coming out this weekend for additional quotes.

We will then be deciding which one suits us best and is within budget (my wishful dream of a 60 x 40 has unfortunately been stopped in its tracks when I heard about the ££’s involved!). But, we will get one sorted no matter the size so we can get back to full training!

I have the planning documents all ready to submit so fingers crossed it will all go through smoothly and I won’t get any more stress related grey hairs!

Poor Autumn this week has been a bit of a silly girl. Whilst I was mucking out on one of the days they were in, I let them out for a leg stretch, and at the same time they like to have a good roll on the grass areas (hence the wet looking rugs in one of the pics).

Well Autumn somehow stupidly rolled to close to one of the gates (no idea how or why), and all of a sudden all I heard was a big bang and clatter, with Bob shooting past the stable block at warp speed. Initially I thought they had fought, but when I got to Autumn I could see the graze on her leg and the fur on the gate accompanied by some hoof ‘digs’ in the grass.

As always straight away I thought the worst with the ’her legs badly injured’, ’she cant walk’, ‘she’s done a tendon’ etc, but on inspection and getting her to walk to the yard she was over dramatizing it by holding her leg up in the air like it was about to fall off!

All she had done were three grazes which had removed the fur and a little bit of a cut. Some equine first aid, animalintex, and bandaging and she was happy again! Its nicely scabbed over now and she’s happy out in the field - phew!

We have a new farrier coming next week, I’m hoping he’s as good as my last one! I’m always nervous about having a new person interact with my horses (especially the evil one – more for them than her) so fingers crossed that all of the reviews I have seen are true and Aria doesn’t scare him off. 😊

Oh another thing I have done much to my partners annoyance – already failed on not being well known to the local feed places – as I’ve signed up for a few loyalty schemes ha!

Well it’s not like I won’t ever need to buy feed, bedding, treats etc…so I may as well sign up! Hee Hee!

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