Name: Paula Anne Frazer

Lives: Northamptonshire


My name is Paula Anne Frazer, an equine obsessed amateur show jumper and I have 3 horses and three dogs. Let me introduce you to the trio of tricky equines; first we have Autumn (20yo Anglo Arab) – The ‘good/experienced one’ – well at times (a couple of weeks ago deciding to ditch me in our first Riding Club event – thanks very much!).


Aria (10yo Warmblood x Hanoverian ) – temperamental madam who likes her own way and is starting to learn the ropes of having a rider (much to her displeasure since she has loved the leisurely life up until now!).


And finally Bob (13yo Irish Sport Horse) - Also known as Scooby–Doo for various reasons – I shall elaborate later. Each have their own quirks and characters which despite annoying me at times makes me love them all.


I’ll focus on Bob to give you a flavour.

It all started when I went out to buy another horse (after sadly losing my beloved pony, Merlin). I went out with the intention of buying an experienced jumper to take straight out and compete…. Well I thought that anyway, despite trying to follow my head… it was my heart that won as usually is the way!

Next thing I knew; I was the owner of an underweight, giant, skittish gelding. His nickname – Scooby-Doo. He’s big, does most things for food and is the biggest wimp on the planet! He’s introduced me to the world of lethal leaves, deadly birds and spooky shadows I never knew existed?!







All joking aside, it has been a tough journey but we’ve both come out the other end as a team, we’ve worked hard and progressed so much in confidence and ability and I’ve developed techniques and training ideas specially tailored to him, to reassure and help him learn.

There’s still a way to go, but I wanted to share my experiences with you as I feel it is possible to overcome hurdles but it’s about maintaining a positive attitude towards training and never giving up when times seem tough. I’m just a regular rider with my horses whom enjoys learning more about them each day and as we all know – with horses you never stop learning!

Alongside Autumn, and soon to be Aria, Bob regularly goes out competing- making his presence known each time – people know of him as much (if not more) than they know of me!

I would love to keep you updated with news of our team tales and escapades along our never ending journey to the affiliated circuit!  Some of which will be entertaining, some will provide tips and advice, and others will concentrate on the more important aspects of owning horses, showing the development and progress we have made, occasionally including any setbacks – quoting a phrase that’s doing the rounds on social media – “Don’t see it as failure, see it as a lesson”.


So here’s to our story thus far and beyond – I hope you enjoy the read!

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