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This week was a bit more hectic with the neddies. We had our usual schooling at the start of the week, with Bob practising over poles in both trot and canter, and Autumn doing a bit of jumping in the arena. I have been practising doubles with her a little more, and tried to make them look a lot scarier to help desensitise her when we are out and about, we started with them small then building up. She was really good and eager to jump which was really pleasing. 


Aria and Bob had the physio this week as well. To say I was a little apprehensive was an understatement as I was praying Aria behaved herself! She was first up, we did the walk and trot up and I’m pleased to say I was right about my theory of her rotating in her hip – she needed some realignment. I was also extremely pleased when initially our practitioner didn’t recognise her! As Aria had a couple of years to develop – the Physio couldn’t believe it was the same horse and thought I had a new one! There were a few tweaks along her spine and neck which she behaved well for, then she was to have a few days rest and start back at work the following week with just straight line work for the first 7 days.


Bob was next. The Physio said he too had developed immensely from the last time she saw him, now looking lovely and muscular which made me really happy. Again he was assessed and from the walk and trot up he looked great- no real concerns, so he got a check over and a sports massage, with just a minimal rib and neck tweak with him being a bit tight across the back. I noticed this initially when he was becoming tense when ridden and although he’s always been cold backed (I believe due to his past when his previous owner had ‘any old’ saddle to use on him), he’s become even more grumpy when being tacked up. Although no muscular or skeletal reason, we both believe it is the saddle. The lucky horse is now having a saddle fitting and probably a new saddle in two weeks (best start creeping round the other half for some assistance here).

Autumn seems to be enjoying her wander round the yard

Autumn seems to be enjoying her wander round the yard

Autumn had a day out at a new venue at the weekend, but I was slightly worried about the rain we had the day before as the ground was a bit wet and the grass long. She had her studs in but I could feel she was a bit nervy. We only did two rounds, the first one was a bit of a mess – first 4 fences jumped beautifully, then we came to a downhill slope and her nerves showed – she refused and I ended up on her neck – rather embarrassing!


We sorted ourselves out and then tried again – this time I did a lovely somersault and landed next to her on my feet (makes a change to my head), I asked for the fence to be lowered to help her confidence and managed to get her over and complete the course. We had another round and this one I’m pleased to say we went clear, she was still a bit apprehensive but she and I knew she could do it. We called it a day after that as I wanted to end on a good note, and to be fair it was only her second real time jumping on grass this year so I was pleased! A bit more work on grass ahead of next year’s competitions is in order I think!


We are hoping to next attend something we have never done before with a friend – Le Trec training! I have no idea what it entails, but it sounds like fun so hopefully if her pony is sound we will be attending that, followed by an outing of showjumping for Bob on the Sunday!


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