I attended a BHS event last week which was actually very relevant as it was on Biosecurity, it was only 2-3 hours long but really informative and fun, meeting new people and working in groups discussing what we knew about equine diseases and how they are spread. A very good way to see other people’s perspectives and also the routines on different yards! I would definitely recommend attending one of the workshops if you get a chance (there was also a buffet – which is always good for me – I had signed up before I knew there was food too so I was delighted to see a table of sandwiches and even better – cakes 😊).


I’m hoping to book on to a lecture they are doing too about the lower leg of the horse as I think it would be good to get a better understanding of how it all works and to see if there are any preventative measures that can be taken to avoid injury and minimise stress on the ligaments and tendons, only bit I’m dreading is the dissection bit – I’m not good with the smell of sight of it!


Autumns been quite active in the last week before the rain – some flat work schooling and I also got her to do the fan exercise with poles – she was good at it in trot but a bit excitable in canter – taking it as a personal challenge to see how many she could leap at once – much to my amusement!! The old girl has still got it and enjoys a cheeky moment where she can. We also had a bit more dressage practice and I have begun to start looking at events and dates for our first attempt – eek! Bit nervous but looking forward to the challenge! I’m still taking her out jumping but may aim more for dressage with her for now, although this may change in a month or two.


Aria still hasn’t redeemed herself from the week before – although she hasn’t been as bad as that this week. She still had her attitude but lucky for her no more injuries to the owner so she has been bearable! She has improved a bit more with her flat work and is fighting the bit a lot less when being lunged which is a positive, just waiting on the arena to drain so I can get a chance to get back on board again. So a week of more training and prepping for the show at the weekend glad to see the evenings are becoming a bit lighter too, wish us luck!!


To read up on Biosecurity please click here.

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