I’m pleased to say the bumbling giant is now shod on all four hooves and has kept them on longer than a week hurrah!

Shortly after pulling one off at the show, my fab farrier came out super quick on the Tuesday and put the shoe back on yay! But low and behold Bob had other ideas, we had our schooling during the week and the following weekend, all good …but then I come up to ride on a Monday evening and oddly he doesn’t rush over to try and steal the girls food … hmm whats wrong I’m thinking.

I called him and he came over fairly slow for him, so I got him out and thought right lets check him over…and what do I see another missing shoe – he had been playing zoomines across the field and this time ripped off the opposite hind! Argh! Less than a week Bob, less than a week– really!! So another grovelling text to my farrier apologising profusely about the big idiot ripping yet another shoe off (this is the third time only in nearly 6 years!!) and luckily he was able to come out the next day! 

So I thwarted Bobs plan of getting out of work hah! A couple of days ensuring no footsoreness with a small bit of lunging then back in to full work! Nice try matey!

Hes been a bit fiesty the last few days as I think he can tell the change in the air! Its been a lot cooler in the mornings and he (and Autumn) have been a lot fresher to ride! Bobs been quote sharp a couple of times where the spooky behaviour is back, hes not too bad when im aboard as I counteract it the minute I sense him tense, but the other day on the lunge it was like holding a raging bull.

He threw all sorts of shapes and squeals, with legs in all directions – im sure he would have looked fab if auditioning for skating on ice! What was the reason behind this explosion of energy you ask………….. a cat!! Yes a cat – it had leisurely walked from the field through a bit of the arena and into the hedge out of sight! Obviously in the time of entering the hedge the cat turned into a horse eating monster!

Autumn too has been very spritely in her schooling, no naughty behaviour but she has been very forward and energetic which has been a nice change. Ive been working her with more poles as she has been leaning in again, mainly in canter on on the right rein.

I’ve assessed myself as well, as I think I had been adding to the issue - I noticed I was dropping my inside shoulder slightly as I think sometimes I don’t realise I am doing it. I’ve made it my mission to make sure this does not happen, and with the aid of poles on the ground (and some raised one side which have worked fab) – I have started to notice an improvement.

She is leaning in less and becoming more balanced on the rein, so I just need to ensure I keep remembering to check myself too! A little way still to go but hopefully continued improvement. It amazes me how such little things can make such a big difference, and riding on your own you cant always notice these little bad habits. All this flat work has been doing Autumn good though as she’s getting a nice round rump! Eat your heart out Beyonce & J-Lo!ha!

Aria has continued in her quest for scratches twice a day and relentlessly follows me round the field whilst I am poopicking! Although now the little sod has a new game – if I ignore her for too long – she gets her own back by tipping the wheelbarrow over – full or not! Cannot say I am impressed at that especially when I only have a quarter to go!

Aside from the riding, we are working on something else equine related at the moment which is vey exciting but im having to keep it hush hush just for another few weeks! Fingers crossed all goes to plan then we may have some interesting news!

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