Oh the trials and tribulations of being an equestrian! The things we do for our horses!

I managed to injure myself just after the last update – can’t fathom how but on awakening one morning I had severe pain in my shoulder blades (non-horse related I may add). As usual I brushed it off and got on with my day. Annoyingly it got progressively worse over the next few days so despite a temper tantrum from me, off I trundled to the doctors (for the horses I have no hesitation in getting a professional in to check/help – but for me I will only go as a last resort – I’m stubborn like that!). A few checks done, pain killers a repeat appointment and off I went.

Due to the injury I’ve been taking it easier with the horses, they have still been schooling, with the very occasional session of small jumping, but it has mainly been flat work and a bit of pole work. Aria has been on good behaviour all week too, only approaching in the field for scratches, and even giving the odd whinney if she isn’t scratched straight away. I was even able to leave my partner with her to give her a scratch and they both survived! I think they may finally be getting along – hurrah only taken 10 years!

Just as my injury was beginning to sort itself, what do I go and do?…! Well, the weathers been horrid so I brought the neddies in for a night to be nice. To show their gratitude they decided to be fussy about the hay I had given them, so I decided to be very nice and get a different bale down of the hay I know they like (#spoilt). On getting the bale down and getting round it (it was on top of a row of other bales) to get the scissors, I managed to misstep on the edge of a bale, slip down it and fall forward getting my other leg stuck between another two bales and go SPLAT! I am not accident prone - honest!

If only we had a camera to catch it – I would have easily earnt £250! Ha! Not how I envisaged my evening, with a bruised and swollen knee, sore elbows and sprained finger – but plus point my shoulder blades are better! Next time they want to be fussy I will think again!

I’m hoping to be back to normal for the coming weekend as I have planned it to be Autumn’s first jumping show of the year! Then the following week Bob is out at another of our local venues for a jumping show so fingers crossed the recovery happens (and I avoid any other mishaps – bubble wrap at the ready!)

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