I think the physio was relieved when she arrived and was told it was just Autumn and Bob she was treating! I’m sure I saw a flicker of fear when she saw Aria was on the yard too, but she was safe from having to treat her this time.

Autumn was first up, and we could see the tension and soreness in her back end on the trot up. I was there, all ready to say: “That’s it, retirement for old girl Autumn.” But the physio completely turned it around. Yes, Autumn is sore, and her back end is tight, but it’s from overcompensating due to her arthritis (the recent wet and cold weather really affected her this year, but I hadn’t realised how badly). A nice massage, some releases and stretches, and Autumn was tonnes better.

Brown horse

I’ll be having a chat with the vets on some treatment to keep her comfortable and will give her some painkillers when she has the bad arthritic flare-ups, alongside some hock boots combined with her magnetic boots in the stable. I have to do some tail stretches with her three or four times a week which, luckily, Autumn tolerates well – had it been Aria, it may have been another outcome! Knowing Autumn isn’t quite written off just yet was a huge relief to me (and I think Autumn too), as we really enjoy our fun rides and day trips out and about, so I was happy to hear it wasn’t the end of these.


Bob was next. No lameness, but soreness along his back and neck muscles. Again, some more releases, stretches and massages and he looked a lot happier. We’ve checked the saddle and gullet fit again, as I wanted a second opinion. I thought the gullet needed to be changed, which was confirmed. So, we’ve changed the gullet and added in a memory foam half pad, which Bob seems to absolutely love. He’s a lot happier and is desperate to get back to the faster work now, where before he was quite reluctant.

Horse head

We have had some lovely ridden sessions since the treatment, although in the first one, when I initially asked for canter, he did his best bucking bronco impression, as well as what can only be described as “hyper-speed dressage” in every direction. Sadly, for him, I didn’t move an inch, so within a few minutes he relaxed and got on with the work. This tantrum was very good for both of us. In fact, it made me feel confident again (which has been hugely lacking), as no matter what he did I wasn’t fazed. It also helped him as, whilst he was doing it, the only reaction he got from me was laughing (no panicking or anxiety), so it helped us both calm down a lot quicker (can’t say the same for my partner and neighbour who both went a very pale shade whilst watching the calamity). I’m really looking forward to our lesson at the weekend and hope we are back to doing some jumping, as we need to get back at it!

Brown horse

Bob is in a slight bit of trouble at the moment as he had a hissy fit on the yard and kicked out, straight into Aria’s stable door. He’s now bottom of my partner’s favourite pet list, as he had to spend an entire Saturday morning repairing the door – oopsie!


I’ve noticed the evenings are staying lighter a bit longer now. Hurrah! I can now ride without any need for lights, as I just manage to fit in the cool-down before the dark sets in. What a relief that spring is definitely on the way!

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