The annual trip to Your Horse Live was completed and even my partner enjoyed a bit of it! Okay, he mainly enjoyed the cake stalls (and they were amazing – we took three bags of cake home with us), but also liked the rescue village and heavy horse yard. We got to go into the stable with two donkeys for pats and cuddles and we both loved it.


I didn’t go too mad on the shopping, just buying what I needed this time, which meant no new saddle pads. Aria came away with three rugs, two of which we picked up at one of the stalls in the rescue village for a bargain. I got a few new pairs of breeches, one of which has shown me that I need to back away from the cake slightly! I managed to bag a show jacket and a show top for great prices too. Much of the rest of the purchases were supplements and treats for the trio. I did eye up a lovely deep purple long riding jacket for me, but had to choose to buy Aria a new turnout instead. They did have a handy thing at the show this year – clipper blade sharpening. Luckily, before I ran out the door that morning, I managed to grab my set, and we were the first customers to the stall as the show opened and had them back within half an hour.

Stuff on sofa

It was a good job I got them sharpened as I’ve been needing to clip Bob for a few weeks. I’m pleased to say he’s now done, although I’m a bit miffed about the clip lines. He decided to shake his head a few times, which meant I had to keep tidying up the lines, so one side is exactly how I wanted it whilst the other is a bit, er, curvy, shall we say? I went for a high Irish clip to get the majority of his neck off, so hopefully now he shouldn’t get as hot when working. I am pleased that, as he was coming round from the sedation, I was still clipping away and tidying up yet he didn’t flinch or react once. Let’s hope he is starting to get used to them a bit more.

Autumn’s next in line for a small clip. I just need the time to clean her, as every time she goes out she comes back in like a mud monster! She must dive on the muddiest areas repeatedly. I think the weather’s changing at the end of the week, with temperatures dropping, so I’ll be reversing the rugs they are wearing out in the field, especially with the clipped areas.

Bob’s training is still going great. He’s a lot more responsive and listens to my seat, and we even did more jumping in the last lesson and in his schooling sessions since. We have been practising jumps on a serpentine, as this helps him to slow down and not run off so easily as he changes direction after each fence. You can start with poles on the floor, then raised poles and finally jumps. With the layout you can also mix it up by adding in larger or smaller circles. I’m looking forward to our next lesson this week to see what exercises we get to practise this time!

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