We have some very sad news to share from our yard: sadly, on 7 February I got up to the yard to find Aria unusually not calling or waiting for her breakfast.


When I got to her stable, I found her lying down as if asleep. I’m not sure if she had passed before I got there or just as I was with her, but it was a horrendous shock. She had been fine the night before and seemed happy in herself. I could see in the stable that her hay had been eaten as usual, water drunk and feed ball emptied. The bed looked normal, with the right amount of droppings and minimal distress, so on speaking with the vet it was declared that she had had a heart attack and just went to sleep, as there was no sign of trauma at all. The other two horses were calm and their beds not a mess, so they hadn’t been upset by anything.


We get comfort knowing she passed peacefully, but it was and is absolutely heartbreaking, as we had no idea this was going to happen. She was a very opinionated mare at times, but other times she was the sweetest angel who loved nothing more than fuss and a cuddle. Even though I knew our plans had never come together, I still could never have parted with her and loved her dearly. What I wouldn’t give to hear that whinny for her feed ball again, as it was her favourite thing. It turned out she actually had quite a big fan club, despite her reputation and behaviour, which was nice to hear. We have now got Aria home in a white oak casket, so she will sit next to my pony Merlin in our dining room, along with a picture of her. I still can’t get my head round the fact that it is my horse in that small box.


I am struggling going to the yard and seeing her stable and things everywhere, as is my partner, and now I think both Autumn and Bob have fully realised she is gone they are quite unsettled and panic if they are not in sight of each other. It’s only been a few weeks, and I feel awful doing it, but to try and help settle the other two, who clearly do not like being on their own, we are going to start looking for another horse to join us again. I’m in no rush and, to be honest, wish I wasn’t in this position, but having just two alone isn’t going to work for us, sadly. I’m not sure how it is going to work out, but I hope a new addition will help me to recover, as Bob did for me when I lost Merlin.

We all cope in different ways, and I still feel so numb to it all. I think her passing, as it was peaceful, has made it a bit easier, but I still have this feeling at times that I will go up to the yard and she will be there – then it hits me as I go through the gate.

Brown Horse

As people have said to me, I will always remember the good times with her (and some of the naughty ones too!), and I have thousands of photos of her growing from a fluff ball foal into the beautiful mare she became. She will always be remembered as being full of sass, even from the day we viewed her, and she booted my other half in the groin when he tried to remove some straw from her back – that was the minute I knew she was the horse for me!

RIP Aria 25.10.2008-07.02.2024

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