The weather seemed against us in the lead up to the show we had planned, but I’m happy to say that despite torrential rain on the Wednesday the show still went ahead. It was an early start to get the horses fed and I needed to nip home to sort myself and grab the bits, then we headed back to the yard for an hour of mane plaiting. We got to the show fairly early as the public car parking was the same area as the show and I didn’t want to sit in queues. It also gave us time to have a potter about and get Autumn and myself ready without rushing.

Horse competition

Our first class was ridden veteran - safe to say Autumn was eager, moving beautifully and she was brilliantly behaved in the arena. I was a bit concerned she may be nervous and tense on the grass surface as she had been at previous shows, but nope, she was happy and relaxed. She did a wonderful show even stopping square for me. The judge was very impressed with her and thought she was in great shape for her age and moved really well – in his words “she will go on into her thirties easily”. We came away with a red frilly, certificate and a qualification for the MIDARC championship in August - I was so pleased with her!


We waited around for a bit and the judge and steward kept trying to encourage us to enter other classes! I did decline though as it was a bit muggy and I didn’t want Autumn over doing it. We had some lunch then I changed and got Autumn brushed and into her in-hand bridle for the in-hand veteran. It was a big class, and we came away with a fifth place which I was pleased about. We then waited around for the end of the day for the ridden championship, sadly no placing but two of the judges came over specially to see Autumn to give her some lovely comments. A fun day out and I’m so happy we went, now I’m looking to the next one that’s in August as well as another fun ride with some pals too.

Bob is still getting on well with his new bit, we have managed to do more jumping which he is enjoying again. He’s carrying himself so much better and not hauling me to the fences and is also slowing afterwards instead of charging off like a raging bull.  I’m hoping to get him back out soon, we just need to do some loading practice and possibly a couple of training events first or maybe even a clear round if local.

Aria has improved from a few weeks ago, she’s still slightly off but has made a good recovery. Well, that is until one day on the yard all the horses decided to charge around – Aria went too close to the arena gate managing to slice herself all down her side! It was quite a shock to see it but luckily on washing I could see it wasn’t too deep and it had healed over by the following day. I used the simple solution of Epsom salts and warm water to rinse it, then just applied a first aid spray. Silly mare trying to give herself a racing stripe! She’s having some down time to ensure her lameness issue (still no apparent signs) and her wound heals fully. I bought a second-hand bitless bridle to try with her when I restart the work as she really isn’t a fan of bits, so I will give her a go and see how she takes to it, it will be a learning curve for me but luckily when I get the bit lady back out for Bob I’ll ask her to have a check over of the fitting etc for Aria.

Horse injury

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