We had our first lesson since Bob’s operation last weekend and I was so pleased with him. He started off nervous but as soon as I got aboard prancing about, (no idea why as he had not done it previously) he soon settled and I had him warmed up ready to go as my instructor pulled up. She wanted us to start on a bit of pole work which them progressed to a small jump then two jumps increasing in height. In her words, Bob was back to his enthusiastic self where he was eager to ‘eat’ the fence lol! He felt so much happier and she could see he moved so much better and no longer fought me. If I wanted to hold him to the fence, then he allowed it rather than chucking his head up and napping as he did previously. Such a relief and we had a great session, even clearing the top of the wings a few times! They look small in the picture but are 3ft to 3’3 not that he gave it much thought (I was glad my bigger wings weren’t in the arena that day!). I cannot wait to get him out to a show shortly!

The horses have had to be in again during the day as well as at night due to the rain as it’s been so bad out here, any more rain and they will need to develop flippers. I have worried about their legs swelling with the reduced turnout (even though they go out on the yard and surrounding grass for 1-2 hours, twice a day) as that did happen a few times a month or so ago, but I now have them on marigold and cleavers after reading all the reviews and they have not had any swelling whatsoever, so highly recommend it as it has done wonders!

I think Bob’s constantly trying to be a ‘filthy stable’ champion at the minute, as each time they have been in during the day he has made it his absolute mission to destroy every inch of his bed (he doesn’t do it at night). It’s going to be a long winter if the wet weather persists! Honestly some days I went up to his stable and would wonder how many horses had been in there due to the mess. Luckily the girls as always were fairly nice and tidy!


It’s getting dark so quickly now, we have finally got the arena lights back out, the first session was a bit ‘spooky’ as the darkness set in but now, I think the horses are used to the lights, I just need to make sure I use the lighter poles if doing pole work as I noticed a few blended into the surface as the light faded from the sunset!

I mentioned about going to Your Horse Live last time, we (okay I) certainly had a fab time shopping and spoilt the neddies, and I even managed to get a few bargains for myself in the Outlet Hall! Bob now has a matching set of ears and saddle pad (he wore in his lesson) that I took ages to decide which colour I wanted, much to the dismay of my partner. The other half was happy later though as he managed to locate a cake stall and spent quite a bit on two big bags of yummy treats so that made it worth his while going! I was chuffed I had finally managed to get myself a pair of waterproof, fleece line, full seat winter breeches – I had only been looking since I broke my last pair seven years ago! Now I’m not fearing the cold mornings so much for when I ride. I did do one foolish thing as I was so excited when buying some other breeches in a sale rail and went by the hanger size rather than the label as I thought it was all the same size in that area; sadly no matter how much cake and chocolate I give up (not likely to happen anyway lol) there is no chance of me fitting in the lovely denim breeches, so I’m seeing if any of my horsey pals are interested in them. D’oh on my part I should have checked the size first!

My partner was relieved when we were heading back to the car after the shopping thinking it was done for another year, but then I reminded him about the new event at the NEC in March next year - The National Equine Show that I also had tickets for!

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