After the kerfuffle we had the week before with trying to get Bob out to a show, I’m pleased to say we managed it for the next one, hurrah!

He still pranced about a bit on the yard but was not as naughty and didn’t have zoomies up and down the yard this time! I was a bit concerned it was fear and that he was worried about going out – but when it came to load him this time, he literally ran on like he couldn’t wait to get going. We left in plenty of time and arrived early so there was no rushing about.

Horse jumping

Course walked and I got onboard in the warmup, he was a bit skittish but started to calm, well until he had two horses – one behind and one coming from the front canter past him at the same time, cue shooting forward! On this note, I have seen a few posts on Facebook about horses wearing red ribbons on their bridle or ear bonnet to signify that they don’t like horses too close – I think this is a great idea and definitely needs promoting to raise awareness as there have been times in the warmup when I have seen other horses have a complete melt down as someone’s come too close, too fast. I will definitely be putting a ribbon on Bob going forward as he absolutely hates horses rushing past him.

Horse training

I managed to settle him, but he was still not happy so walked him down to the arena to watch in the holding area before our turn. On entering he was tense but not spooked, approaching the first fence well - a bit of a hissy fit as we turned for the third one but then he gained momentum for all following fences and unfortunately, he hit fence eight (I wasn’t surprised as he had decided to completely ignore me down the combination). Fence 10 caused issues for others as it had a wall/bridge filler –Bob wasn’t scared and decided to take a stride out and put an almighty leap in which caused me to lose a stirrup. It was too late to regain it as fence 11 was only strides away – don’t ask how but we cleared it, then came the final fence, I had tried to get my stirrup but gave up and held my breath as we jumped the oxer! Landing fine I was relieved it had gone okay with only one stirrup…. well right up until about three strides passed the finish line where Bob was clearly annoyed at this unbalanced wally on his back – threw a small buck, dropped his left shoulder and spun ditching me then galloped out of the arena, up the walkway and into the warm up before anyone could catch him. I landed straight on the back of my head and then my bad hip (that had just recovered). I was dazed but got straight up (I know I shouldn’t have) as I was worried for Bob as none of the arenas had gates and I feared where he would go. I came home with concussion and a badly bruise pelvis, back and shoulders and a bit of whiplash which luckily began to ease over the week, and I was happily back in the saddle at the weekend although I am taking it slower as I’m not yet fully healed. Luckily, I wasn’t scared from the fall as I know it only happened due to the lost stirrup and off balance, so I’m looking forward to getting him jumping again and I have finally forgiven the big muppet!

Horse back

Aria and Autumn are back into work, the first session with Aria was a bit fruitful but the second day she was tonnes better, listening brilliantly and a lot less tantrums! I am determined she’s getting out and about this year. Autumn too has been very sassy, she wanted to gallop round the arena one evening and when I wouldn’t let her, she decided to throw a tantrum with a few bucks (she rarely does that), safe to say I’ve ridden her several times since and she’s settled back into working normally again – phew!

It is looking like the shows locally start in March so not long to get the girls ready for their outings!

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