So, Bob’s had a couple more check-ups since his tooth extraction, the first being a routine quick check to refill the hole that went well, and on this one, I was given the go-ahead to start lunging in a head collar which I was pleased about, as he needed to get back to some work. His second check-up was more in-depth and included sedation. It went fantastically well! We discovered it was over 50 per cent healed and the vet was extremely pleased with it – not one concern at all – no issues could be found!

The vet then gave me the even better news that I could commence ridden work, yay! Bob also liked the idea that he could now eat what he wanted (well what I would give him) which included his treats.  I’ve had Bob on an additional supplement since he finished his antibiotics just to keep his immune system up while he was healing – Immuplus by Global Herbs. I didn’t think he would like the taste as it smells quite strong but surprisingly, he eats his dinner every time. I will keep him on this until his mouth is fully healed, as I do think it has had a positive effect on his recovery.

Horse riding

With him being sedated for the check I decided I would use the opportunity to clip him whilst he was zonked out.  The only problem was due to heavy rain he was in his stable, so he had propped himself against the wall, blocking most of the light. Even with me moving him, he made it difficult to check both sides and get it even! It turned out better than I thought but let’s just say there are a few areas I need to try and tidy up ha!

While he has been on minimal work, Aria has been getting on well with her schooling – not bothered in the slightest by the saddle. I changed her bridle as the other despite being full size (and even fitting Bob’s big head) it was a bit tight on her, browband especially, so now she’s in an XL which fits but I’m not completely happy with it, so I have added to the shopping list for Your Horse Live in a few weeks!

Woman with horse

We also used the no riding time to complete the other summer paddock and boy was it a job, an entire day of muck spreading then a few hours the next morning. We started up the mower and my other half got to the top of the field where it started smoking so he turned it off. We decided to use the other one but found it had a puncture and went down five minutes after we blew it up. We went back to the other mower to see if it would run ok now it had cooled but it refused to start (a job to look at another day), so we were stuck on how to harrow the muck eek! Call in Martins faithful workhorse of a car – he whizzed around the field and got it done in half the time (the only thing he did do wrong was driving over a raised manhole cover and almost getting stuck on it! Sounded awful but nothing fell off the car yet ha!). We are so glad that’s the two summer paddocks done, and we get a break until we do the winter ones in spring!

How’s everyone coping with the weather? I have had the horses inside a fair few times due to all the heavy rain, but I’m still clinging onto that last bit of autumn and trying my best not to bring them in full-time overnight just yet!

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