We made a start to the search for a new addition to sadly fill Aria’s stable and help the other two settle again. It was strange looking for another horse, as I haven’t bought one for 11 years, so I felt like a complete novice at it.


The only good thing is I was being more structured when whittling down the ones to view. When we did attend the viewings, I was strict with myself, sticking to my own checklist of what I wanted, and if they didn’t meet the requirements it would be a straight no. However, that didn’t quite go to plan (does it ever?), as out of the horses I viewed the first and second ones, who were both mares with perfect temperaments, ticked all my boxes. I did try a gelding, but sadly he was not as described, and we really did not gel.


Back to the two mares I went. My partner liked the first one and I liked the other – argh! Weighing the two up against each other was so hard as they both had great potential – one was jumping and the other was flat schooled but brave, so it was difficult. In the end, as always, I went with my gut as something inside screamed at me to view the second one again. We did that and then ended up buying her. She arrived six days later on a horrid, wet morning, yet settled straight away.

Horse and person

Welcome to the family, Freya (my partner got to name her), a four-year-old ex-racehorse. I’ve not had a thoroughbred before, so this will be a new learning curve for me. Hopefully, she will retain her calm temperament. Luckily, she is lightly backed, so once I build a bit more condition on her I will proceed with some more ridden flat work alongside the lunge work. She’s already showing promise, as I’ve walked and lunged her over poles and she didn’t bat an eyelid, despite me being told she’s not seen poles before.

The other two seemed elated when she arrived, and Bob was obsessed, even getting zapped twice by the fence when he tried to lean over to say hello. He seems to have settled more since her arrival, as on riding him he’s no longer running round in a panic as he did the last week or so. Autumn showed interest at first, but now seems to have just accepted her into the group, and I think she is happy to have another mare around again.


Although the reason for getting Freya wasn’t planned, I hope she will continue to help the others settle and help me and my partner heal from our loss of Aria. She is an incredibly sweet mare who just wants to please, so I’m looking forward to the future we shall have.

Next stop getting the farrier and saddle fitter out, as I want her to be comfortable before starting full work. Then I want to plan some outings for her, so she gets used to going out and about and doesn’t get too reliant on staying with the others. I’m also going to hopefully arrange a nutritionist to come out as, to be honest, I’m a bit lost as to what feed is best for her, with her being young and still potentially growing slightly, so want to make sure she gets everything she needs. It also doesn’t help that she’s a bit fussy with food . Well, aside from treats and carrots now she knows what they are – I’ve created a monster!


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