Bob decided to give me a fright and day of worry in the last week.

We moved the horses to their other summer paddock, which had started to grow a bit crazy. After a few days the gannets had grazed the section I gave them down (not badly but enough that Autumn decided to stand by the fencing every time I was up to show me she wanted it moving)! So one evening we moved it back a bit giving them a nice strip to graze.

Well, by the time we had finished the poo-picking (it’s done twice a day so it didn’t take that long!) they had nearly cleared the section argh! We decided to move the fence a bit more as I could see both Bob and Aria eyeing it up for a way through and as the last energiser we bought went faulty; I didn’t have time to get a new one so thought best to move it back a bit again.


My backs been hurting again as I had over done it so my poor partner attended the yard the next morning at 5am – what did we find – the fence down (but the trio in the correct section?!) I was annoyed but went on to sort a small brekkie for them and grab the barrow. Getting to the field, Bob looked bloated, and then he wouldn’t eat his feed, and within 2mins was lying down.

My partner said ‘he’s just gorged himself’ but I immediately hit panic station, back pain completely ignored I darted to get a head collar, and some Bute. We got him up and walking but I could see he was in pain. Cue an emergency vet call out (I found out that evening that it happened to be the attending vets 40th birthday – Sorry!), and lots of walking until they arrived. Bob had spasmodic colic and a big build-up of gas ☹ but luckily, we caught it in time, a few jabs and a probiotic for a few days alongside close observation. He was grazing by the time I went back at lunch and his normal dominant self in the evening.

He was rather mean to Autumn though – she had followed him round the whole time we walked him that morning, and nuzzled him on his face whilst he came round from sedation (pic attached). Then as a thank you he decided to bite her… twice (one broke the skin!), I’m sure his grogginess was causing the grumpiness ☹ . Since then things have settled down again and all three are best buds!


I am so glad he got through it; both Autumn and Aria have had spasmodic/gaseous colic but not as bad as Bob did. We really need to be so careful at the moment as colic and laminitis are rife with all the rain, sunshine and fresh grass.

Safe to say a new energiser was ordered that day alongside a powerful battery, more connectors and extra fencing! I do not even want to total the amount that horse managed to cost me in one day, oh and it would be the day after I pay his and Autumn’s vaccination invoice wouldn’t it argh!


We’ve done a few more bits of painting at the yard recently – although one has gone wrong – I decided to paint one of the structural poles a white/cream colour to blend in with the walls – big mistake… it looks awful! So now some…okay a lot of sanding and a repainting is required… least the weather should be warm in the evenings for me to get it done d’oh!

We did manage to hang a gate the other evening which was a positive, not sure what happened to it with the previous owner or how they hung it as the original holes were at the wrong height, but we managed to get the hinges on and get it up 😊. It will be nice to now not worry about having to lift a gate to get in and out of the back field (although it has helped give me slightly impressive muscles).


We are still waiting to hear regarding the planning for the arena, and are crossing everything that we should hear soon, as although the flat and groundwork is going well I am desperate to school properly and have a jump!


We took our dogs up for the first time to the stables (wanted to make sure all fencing secure as one is an escape artist) – safe to say they loved it but the horses not so much – more work needed here as Bob did not appreciate being barked at and went into stallion mode to protect his mares. Aria however looked at them rather confused, as she didn’t understand what the issue was.


We hope everyone is keeping well during this time, and just to let you know it is Mental Health Awareness week, I’m a mental health first aider and so I’m involved with this at work providing support for any member of staff that needs it. I have seen recently a Horse and Hound article that speaks about ‘Riders’ Minds’ which is a free platform for everyone to use to get support, these types of resource are so valuable and can really help if you need someone to talk to or just some advice, so I’d definitely recommend checking it out 😊


Stay safe all!

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