So how did the wonky horse get on at her physio review?

Aside from being a bit grumpy and trying to eat the physio, I’m pleased to say we are making progress! She has got stronger on her weaker leg and the rotations aren’t as bad when she walks 😊, she’s developing muscle across her back too, which is great and is less stiff (which I already knew from how she bent for those carrots narrowly missing my fingers).

We talked about me getting aboard but I have opted to wait until the arena is built (4 weeks to go yay!!) purely for safety as I would prefer a softer landing than in the field!!

So another 6 weeks or so of in hand and long reigning with a little bit of lunge work and starting to incorporate some trot and also some poles yippee 😊. I know she will never be 100% and won’t be the jumper I’d hoped for when I bought her as a yearling, but being able to build her up and being able to ride her will still be great.

The physio sees no reason why she can’t eventually do low level jumping so we may aim for that or I may just keep her for fun shows and hacking (she is the bravest of the three and didn’t blink when walking past my partner with the strimmer on the other day!). So we shall see what the future holds as either way she’s with me for life (much to my partner’s dismay).

I’m quite excited for the weekend as we have the fun ride coming up 😊 and hoping these winds go away before the day (they have been pretty wild here and I’m so glad the neddies behaved themselves in the fields). I think we are the first group to set out which will be good, and I’m going to have a try with Autumn over some of the cross-country fences too (will be interesting to see the photos afterwards if she’s not in a compliant mood)!

I’ve been doing a lot more fitness work with her in the backfield to build her up and she’s been loving it, nothing like a few laps of the field at speed first thing in the morning! I’ve also found some other local rides that are happening near me, purely by chance as we drove past one on the way to the feed store one day, so straight online I went to find out who organises them so hopefully we can attend a couple of those too.

We have almost completed the outside of the stables, just need to get hold of some black paint for the bottom boarder and then that’s a major item to tick off the list yay!

I had the farrier out yesterday (mainly because a certain bumbling giant decided it was a good idea to succeed in pulling a shoe off and have the other one half off). And whilst there I asked for one of Autumn and Bob’s shoes so I can add them to Merlin’s one, and once located, one of Aria’s I’d saved and then we can put all 4 together on the tack room door – not sure what design I’m going for yet but will see what springs to mind.

The yard sign is also now up and we got it up in just in time for my birthday bbq with the family. It was nice for them all to see how we had remembered our dad and my pony Merlin, as he and I always dreamed of having our own yard but sadly, he and Merlin both passed before we could.

My friends also got to see it, one of them seeing the yard for the first time and it was so nice to hear all the positive comments. They also bought me a lovely cake – and guess what was on it………horses of course - they know me so well; the majority of my cards and presents were also horsey related 😂.. I have a nice new pair of Sergio Grasso boots - I cannot wait to compete in them. My partner kindly spoilt me with those, so they will definitely be kept just for the shows and not trawling about the yard.

We have the new dentist coming in a couple of weeks, eeek! My physio luckily knows her and said she is very good, and just gets on with it so hopefully the trio will behave well for her (crossing everything!) Aria is more than happy to show everyone her teeth – just not in a productive way 🙄, although the last dentist she was excellent for so let’s hope for the best (fingers crossed for us please)!

As always, hope you are all keeping safe and have a great weekend 😊

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