It’s all go this week, feels like we have been waiting forever, but fingers crossed in just under a weeks’ time the arena build commences!!

To say I’m excited is a major understatement, I’ve never had the pleasure of riding in a brand new arena let alone ever having my own so I am bouncing off the walls with excitement at the moment whilst keeping everything crossed it is able to go ahead (weather and Covid dependant)! I have attached a pic of how it currently looks (before and after pics will be done!)– Over grown with nettles and weeds as I have taken to riding in the fields more recently so have left it to grow over ooops (but on the plus my confidence riding on grass is back)!

Prior to all this excitement though – Autumn and I need to get through our first dressage test with the new riding club! It’s not been easy practicing as the fields have proved challenging as I’ve been leaving them to grow for winter so seeing the letters at times has been difficult and some of our circles may have gone a bit skew whiff to say the least!

I admit I am completely unprepared for this test so will be 100% winging it! I’m relieved I don’t have to plait Autumn up although it depends what time our slot is as I may give it a go if I have time to wait, as it will distract me from being nervous, plus its handy the show literally being a 2min drive up the road! We may not do well but we will have been out which is the main thing, meeting some new local riders/more of the committee (socially distanced) and hopefully once the arena is in place and we can practice properly we can start improving for next year.

Once the test is done its straight back to the manual work, so my partner, my brother in law and myself will be tackling clearing the fallen fencing, gates and other bits ready for the diggers to arrive on Monday. My partner and I have spent a lot of evenings trying to sort bits out at the yard, which has been satisfying but tiring; but one evening last week we went up just to enjoy the sunset. I had my cheesy chips followed by a hot drink, Aria’s stable rug as a blanket (as it was a little chilly) and a book to read all whilst being able to watch the trio 👌 #perfectevening

Bob’s still his demanding self in the morning, although he has now taken to squeaking at me as I approach the gate whilst he awaits his feed, which is quite funny – a huge macho horse making squeaking noises until he gets his bucket ha-ha! He is naughty though as I have found bite marks on Autumn recently luckily not too bad and I know Aria wouldn’t have been brave enough to bite her so it only leaves one culprit😈!

Aria has been fairly well behaved recently aside from still hating fly spray and getting a lucky kick in the other day where she managed to kick the bottle in my hand separating the top and the bottom of it (glad she missed me)! Think I’m going to have to invest in a sponge on a stick to get the fly spray on her belly these days if I want to keep my head on my shoulders!

I did a day trip to Norfolk at the weekend and visited the Aylsham Redwings site, there were so many beautiful horses, ponies and donkeys and I fell in love with a Friesian mare and a grey cob…but was told swiftly no by my partner grrr - got my own back though by buying a lot in the gift shop 😉! They do a fantastic job looking after the equines there, and I’ve also been to the Oxhill and Snettisham sites too which were fab, it’s sad the animals end up there but so good they have a forever home and are given good care - Definitely worth a visit to one of the sites if you have never been.

Right off to read through the dressage test in an attempt to remember it…then hopefully to squeeze a practice or two in before the day with Autumn – wish us luck 🍀

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