I’m sure we are not the only ones battling against those pesky flying adversaries at the moment!

Poor Bob is being hit the worst at the moment with them attacking his back legs, belly and sheath – he and Autumn had swollen lumps on their tummies from the bites at one point ☹

With all the rain and thunderstorms, I decided to leave the fly rugs off the horses for a few days – big mistake! Even when I thought it was too cool or windy the flies lay in wait then took any opportunity to get the horses. I have tried so many different lotions sprays and gels now I’m at my wits end these flies must be immune to everything. The fly rugs are back on (masks too they didn’t come off) and the horses are coated with cream underneath.

I did read on a forum that talc is meant to be a good deterrent so I’ve tried that this morning and am crossing everything it works otherwise I’m back to the drawing board (whilst also being covered in talc – I smell nice though 😉).  One of the horseflies got me the other day too whilst I was defending Aria from an onslaught of bites – but I didn’t realise until I got home and had the itchy lump appear grrr. One thing I read to relieve the itch was to heat the back of a spoon (not too hot) and apply to the bite – and you know what – it worked!! No itching for a good few hours, I still have the lump a few days on but it’s slowly going down.

The horses’ fitness regime is on the up with the news of the training shows starting up yay! The arena at the minute is not a good schooling area so may have to revert to the field, its ok to lunge and do minimal flatwork but the nettles are taking over quicker than we can clear them and it’s a constant battle to keep them at bay.

We are due to hear the final planning decision this week for the arena (after I pestered them for an update last week) and I was hoping to have the news for the blog but sadly no update yet ☹. I’m desperate to get back jumping and practice pole exercises so think I’ll have to look at arena hire if we can.

Both Bob and Autumn are not impressed at the increase in workload, but are getting on with it without too much protest. Bob has now overcome his fear of the monster hiding the other side of the drive – hurrah so no more charging or freaking out… well until he find the next thing that is! I have to give Bob credit the other evening though, just practising flatwork and a bit of trot, and he was perfect,  lovely outline, no rushing and well balanced and he managed it on both reins (normally I would be lucky to get it on one rein only) so he got a few treats for that! Roll on the local dressage competitions as I think we will be getting ready for some.


The grass has gone wild across the fields with all the sun and rain so I’m still having to strip graze due to the trio having zero self-control - if they had it their way you would have to roll them out of the fields! Even the winter field and the spare paddock are over knee deep in grass now too so I think restricted grazing will be happening for a while! I’m letting them into the sectioned off area where the public path is whilst I clear the fields so I can keep eye and ensure Aria doesn’t eat any walkers passing through 😈. They love it and now queue up at the gate waiting me to unlock it all and shockingly are all very good at coming out, I just call them and they come out…slowly…but I don’t have to run round catching them which is good.

My partner is starting to get his plans together to replace the overhang roof for the stables as its quite old so I’m excited about that – he’s booked a whole week off to get it done. So I’ll hopefully be able to book a day off to be up there to help and also make a start on refurbing the stable doors at the same time…just need to pick a colour.

I made a list of the priority jobs to be done before winter (at my partners request so he is aware); I think his jaw went through the floor slightly when he read the two pages – oops! I think it’s good to have the list though so we can keep track of what we need to get done. We knew there was a lot to do when we took it on but we both love being busy and doing DIY so hopefully we will be able to have the majority if not all ticked off by the end of October!

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