I do have to say I am not a fan of the winter weather as yet again its been causing havoc with the arena build, well more over its completely brought it to a standstill.  We’ve had several bouts of heavy rain, then a couple of dry days before more rain (I think our new yard is stuck in a heavy rain zone as that’s all we seem to have?), so the field is currently ready for ducks to move in 🙄🦆 The horses have had to stay in a lot of days too which has turned them into grumpy sods, as they seem to not mind the rain - but I prefer to not have a mud bog field/ want some grass next summer, and although I am not enjoying the double mucking out I am enjoying the extra calories being burnt meaning more cake for me hee hee!

Horse in boggy field

The trio have a new game of charging about the yard whilst I muck out and generally causing havoc, but they upped their game one morning. I opened the yard gate so they could walk about on the drive as normal, then heard a bang and thought it was a lorry’s trailer on the road going by so thought nothing of it, as I checked and the three angels were happily standing/munching on the grass by the yard gate….only later as I went to leave, put my wellies in the boot and headed for my door did I see it…………my wing mirror completely smashed off and in 4 pieces on the floor. I cant repeat what came out of my mouth but I made the decision there and then that they are now rationed on any treats for the next few months to pay for the repair!!!!! 😈 To say they are not in my good books is an understatement especially as there is also scratches down the side of my bonnet too think this is their revenge for me not letting them trash their field.

Horse riding

A few days before this ‘event’ however, the horses were very high up my good list, as on one shockingly dry day in the field, I found them snoozing so was able to go and join them, choosing to sit next to Autumn whilst she had a sleep 😊 I even got to pat Aria whilst she was lying down and came away with all fingers and thumb still attached which was a plus! Bob was being exceptionally affectionate and acting a bit like a foal as at one point he grabbed my finger with his lips (I thought to nip me) but he just held it there and on occasions was almost sucking it whilst during this time dosing off!? I do have a strange horse!

 Horse selfie

I’ve done some slow work with Autumn to keep her going over the winter and because the ground is far too slippy to do anything other than a walk at the moment, she’s happy with this as its not too taxing on her but as she’s getting older I still want her to be mobile. We seen about 20 ducks on the river that we scared whilst walking past – I thought argh I’m about to fly but Autumn didn’t even flinch at the noise and flapping, she’s such a good girl in that respect which is why I have so much trust in her! Had that been Bob I think I may have ended up in the next county!


I’m begging for some dry days in the next few weeks/early new year so the arena can get built as I’m worried at this rate I will forget how to jump😵! I think ill definitely have to look into getting a trainer too as no doubt I will have a lot of bad habits that need rectifying. In the mean time though I’ve spontaneously bought a cross trainer to keep myself fit and ready (especially after the cakes I will be eating) – my partner is not happy about it being in the living room as it’s a lot bigger than I thought but this means I cant miss it meaning I have to use it at least once a day 🤣 I have to say boy is it tough going – my legs and arms are not thanking me! Ha!

Boggy Field

Is everyone ready for Christmas? I have the trio’s presents almost ready, the dogs stocking made up and some new bits for the yard kitty too (who is getting a bit to brave now and will flop down and roll over in front of where the horses are walking argh!) I do have the human side sorted as well but… you know I have the priorities sorted first lol!

Stay safe and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Horse Selfie

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