We hope everyone had a good Christmas? How many neddies got spoilt indirectly by us asking for things for them? Aria got treated to a pair of magnetic boots to help her legs, I had done a bit of research and found a lot of good reviews on them so thought it was worth a go to help with her legs as they become filled when the horses have to stay in for a few days when its wet. I also bought Autumn a new fly mask and Bob a hay-net (he was more interested in the contents!) The horses also got extra big beds made on Christmas day, which was a bit of a waste of time as Bob trashed his and the girls still refused to lie down 🙄 alongside this they got spoilt with a host of their favourite veggies and treats. Some of the money I have received I will be spending on lotions and potions for the horses as well as treating myself to a new mucking out rake 😂

New Horse Products

The horses have had their hooficures again but were not too impressed at standing out in the snow that suddenly came down 😂 it was a shock as we had light rain which suddenly turned to big thick flakes, luckily it didn’t settle and the horses enjoyed being turned out once they were sorted.


Spook our yard kitty enjoyed her first Christmas with a few bags of treats and a cat toy, however she decided she doesn’t like the bell on it and runs away, much preferring to play with a small wound up bit of electric fence tape (if only I had known!).

Spook the Cat

We are currently crossing fingers, paws and hooves for dry weather so the arena build can commence, hopefully it will be done before the end of Jan?! The horses have had a few hyper days which involved on us arriving at the yard, the Ginger (notsomuch) ‘angel’ initiating a full blown gallop session with the other two doing laps of the field. Safe to say they are all ready for some work, as am I. I’m keeping fit with the cross trainer at the moment and riding/exercising the horses when the ground is safe to do so, waiting on the day for the arena to be ready for us to get cracking for 2021, theres a lot I want to aim to get done next year – Bob doing some dressage, Autumn doing more cross country and Aria getting out and about wither in hand or ridden!

What plans does everyone have for the next 12 months? We wish you all a happy new year, let’s hope 2021 is much better for all.

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