Show Day Report


Well we had a bit of a last minute change for the charity show on Sunday!

Initially planning to take Bob, I gave him his double dose of calmer in advance and with all tack and bits piled up (prep work earlier in the week in the field and hacking out) we were ready to go. Then Autumn strikes!! The madam (on me taking her rug off in the field just before catching Bob to take him out to the show) decides to go full pelt up and down the field unsettling everyone to the point that I could not even catch Bob!

I gave him time to settle but could not get near him in the field so my partner zipped home switched the tack over to Autumns, and I went and caught the Ginger pain! In spooking Bob, she had volunteered herself to go to the show!


I Have to say though, I'm glad I took her! After not Showjumping for over a year on grass she was fab, studs in and away we went. A bit nervous to start with so we took it slow - only to be told there was a jump off separately in this class argghh! Lucky for me she was raring to go, and her turns and balance was awesome, leading us to win the class.

The next one was one phase, we both went in eager and at fence 6 I was ready to go quick for the jump off...needless to say so was she with her speed and turns again - a 2 second win!! Wowzers!

This meant the most to me as it was one of the classes I sponsor in my late pony Merlin's honour ...and she won me the shield back again! Mega brownie points!

We received feed vouchers as prizes too which was great. The old gal redeemed herself once again and it's now on for the Great Midlands in 2 weeks!


Aria's has felt a bit foot sore this week so a couple of days off for her but back to work this week too. Busy Busy! She is still doing great with her work, accepting the saddle and bit with no problems, so we will be doing more ridden work with her this weekend.

Autumn is on escort duty to take our yard friend on a longer hack out to a neighbouring village before starting prep work for the Great Midlands Show in Sept.

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