How the tables have turned! A few weeks back it was the horses on restricted turnout and now it's us!

It’s a very odd and scary time at the minute for everyone and I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

We would also just like to take the opportunity to save a massive thank you to all frontline workers. Not only in healthcare but in the retail sector, lorry drivers, posties and many more who are working out in the field during this time of crisis to keep the world moving!

It’s a highly stressful time and not being able to see family and friends on a regular basis is very challenging.

I have to say I am very glad to have the horses and dogs as they give a reprieve to everything going on just by being themselves (even though one of the dogs has decided under my desk whilst I am working is the best spot in the house!).

We are lucky that the trio are now on their own land as we can go to see them without any restrictions but my heart does go out to those who are missing their equine friends due to the lock down!

Stay positive, fingers crossed things will get better soon!

The horses have been enjoying the sunshine and dry weather out in the fields!

I’ve been brave again and opened the fences so they can all be together, and it seems to be going well apart from bringing in time where both Autumn and Bob want to be brought in first – leading to a few scraps (nonphysical luckily!). Although Autumn has also had two rugs destroyed in this time!

Argh, so once the shops all reopen I will be on the hunt for some replacements.

We are hoping to sort the fencing in one of the other fields over the Easter break so we can move the horses round and give the field a rest, although it is starting to pick up already which is a plus.

I’m trialling Bob at the minute without any calmer. Yes you read that right!

A bit mad I know but his behaviour has changed so much since the move so I want to see if he really needs it or if he just struggled at the last yard.

So far so good, as when lunging him the other day only 2 mild spooks when the wind gusts went a bit strong out of nowhere, other than that focused and calm!

I’m not riding him too much at the minute due to the lock down, and the make shift arena not being great but fingers crossed we are making more progress with ours during the discussions with planning at the council!

This should give you all a chuckle. The other evening when the horses were brought in, my partner said he would drive round the field to level the poached areas (whole field!).

All went well and so decided we would do it few more times to help get it flatter. Well, on the next time we were up, I was happily poo-picking whilst round he went, only to see him head up towards the top bit – that I told him to avoid as there was a big wet patch.

All good for the next 5 mins as he tootled around, until I look up and hes not moving … he had only gone and drove into the wet bit and got stuck! D’oh! Several attempts at reversing, putting hay down, then rubber matting under the wheels – but to no avail as he had dug his left tyre into a hole.

Despite him protesting I decided we would try my way and off I trotted to get the horsebox to tow him out.

We tried an old lunge line – sadly no use as it snapped, and had no rope at the yard…. so I thought what can we use? Then I got the bright idea of my collection of bailing twine and dug out the thick twine which he ALWAYS moaned about me keeping!

Well, bailing twine combined with the horse box and some nifty driving from me, and the car was eventually freed. See I keep useful stuff, and he had to agree with me on this one, my bailing twine collection to the rescue hee hee!😉

We have now unfortunately found out that the wet patch was not a delay in the ground drying, but a burst pipe in the close area, and the field is getting wetter by the day ☹.

The water company have been out and are locating the issue so fingers crossed it should be sorted and drying out soon!

It’s a relief to know its not an issue with the drainage, and also that its fresh water not sewage! But it has come at a bad time with all that is going on, fingers crossed the repairs won’t take too long.

We wish everyone well, and hope everyone stays safe in this trying time.

We will be back to riding with our equine buddies soon and may even get out to a few shows later in the year 😊.

In the interim, I’m planning some exercises and inhand work to do with the trio to keep them occupied and thinking. I did contemplate looking at horse agility too or desensitising work for a bit of a difference.

Hmmm will see how we get on 😉.

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