There is no wonder us Brits talk about the weather. After the recent sub-zero temperatures and snow, we have now been enjoying warm, sunny and – importantly for horse owners –dry weather. The days are getting longer too, which makes getting up early in the mornings easier now it is light. The mud is finally beginning to dry out, which certainly makes life more pleasant.

Shetland Pony

The fact that spring is in the air is impossible for me to miss as I live in a cottage on a sheep farm and I am currently surrounded by the deep throaty calls of the ewes and the shrill replies of their lambs. Diva is quite fascinated when we pass a field of sheep and lambs in it whilst on our walks.

I kept finding twigs in the corner of Mabel’s stable and when I looked up, a collared dove was boldly watching me with her beady eyes. I just wish she would use twigs without thorns as poor old Mabel could end up with them stuck in her if she lies down on one. As quick as I clear them up, another pile seems to materialise.


However, the thing to remember is that we are still only in early March. We seem to have this “false spring” each year now, prompting snowdrops and daffodils to bloom, yet only today, the news is heralding another cold snap on its way!


Also prompted by the sunny weather and the promise of shows actually being held, horses and ponies up and down the country are now being tidied up after a winter of being scruffy! Florence, who is staying with my sister, has been tied up in anticipation of getting out and about. She looks beautiful. Mabel is moulting like mad, but the Shetlands Diva and Jackson are clearly aware of the prospect of colder weather and are holding tight to their winter woollies.

Florence the Horse

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