I hope you all had an enjoyable time over Easter and that the Easter Bunny delivered plenty of chocolate eggs. Diva was absolutely delighted to discover I had been unable to find any bunny ears for her to wear. She so does not enjoy dressing up! In the week before Easter, we enjoyed a two-day mini heatwave, and then today – exactly one week later – we have temperatures in the minus and snow flurries.

Two horses

My friend Jill came over for the first time in a while and we went for a lovely walk with Diva. I cannot emphasise just how good it is for youngsters to get out and about. We encountered vans, cars, 4x4s, cyclists, walkers, dogs, tractors and diggers. The only thing that she was nervous of was a digger parked at the side of the road. She tried to dash past it but I asked her to stand and then walk up to it. She then was happy to sniff the wheels before we walked on. Funnily enough, she didn’t bat an eye at the digger actually being used in the garden opposite. I am hoping all this will stand her in good stead when she is broken to drive in the future.


I have mentioned previously that when Jackson arrived to stay with me, he and Diva had quite a fight when put in the same paddock. Neither would back down and were kicking like mad despite both being absolutely fine with other horses. Jackson has been getting turned out in the pen, as he also decided he would walk through the electric fencing. Now, however, the field next to Diva and Mabel’s is vacant, and I got permission to put Jackson in there so that he and Diva could “chat” through the fence without risk of fighting.

Horses socialising

So far so good. The funny little creatures are staying side by side pretty much the whole time. It is so funny when I call to get them in, as they come trotting or cantering up together with just the fence between them. Hopefully I will be able to put them in the same field soon, this time without the fireworks. Watch this space.

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