I have decided to try to make some items for this Christmas that I would usually buy. The first things I opted to make were wreaths. Living in a rural area, there is an abundance of materials to forage from hedgerows and my garden.

I thought Diva might like to accompany me on a foraging expedition near the yard. Ever had an idea and then wished you hadn’t?


It all started out quite promisingly, though Diva was not impressed that the bucket I carried was empty! Little did I realise that filling it up was not going to cheer her up.

She was quite happy having a little graze on the verge as I collected some pine cones, though she checked out the bucket with every rattle the cones made. I collected some beech leaves and twigs for their lovely autumnal colours. Again, she had a good sniff and this time a nibble or two of the leaves. They are safe for ponies to eat but obviously not that appetising as Diva soon returned her attention to the grass.


A little further along the hedgerow and we spotted a holly bush with some berries. I am sure Diva chuckled as I swore each time I was prickled by the sharp leaves. Perhaps that is why she pointed the bush out to me? Holly is poisonous to ponies, but I need not have worried as she paid my cuttings no heed at all.

Note to self: wear gardening gloves when foraging!

Lots of the things we bring into our homes and gardens during the festive season are poisonous to pets, so please take care and ensure that they are out of reach.

I have promised Diva a pony-friendly wreath, so keep an eye out on the Equesure Facebook, Instagram and website to see how I get on. Will Diva be impressed?

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