I have been putting the Christmas decorations up at home, including the wreaths that Diva helped me forage for supplies. I had promised Diva a more interesting and, more importantly, an edible wreath for her stable door.

This time I went foraging alone as I was not sure the supermarket would be impressed if I tried to take Diva inside! I had decided to make the wreath with parsnips, carrots and apples, and I was pleased to find some carrots still with the tops on. So that part went well.

Horse eating

The next challenge was how to attach the vegetables to form the shape of a wreath. I decided to use garden wire rather than a frame as I thought it would be easier for Diva to snack on the wreath if the vegetables were only attached by one wire.

I planned the order before I started to put them on the wire. Carrot, parsnip, carrot with tops, apple and repeat! I pushed a hole through them with a metal skewer and in no time at all they were all attached.

I hit a slight problem when I joined the ends of the wire together as the wire was too flexible to hold in a circle. So, did I opt for a rather oval wreath? After a little think I hung the wreath on the door and then tied another couple of bits of trusty baler twine to open the oval up into a bit more of a circular shape.

By this time Diva was trying her best to put her head over the stable door to see what was going on. I brought her out of the stable to have a little munch since it is nearly Christmas after all.

I did have a chuckle when she first tried a parsnip, then went for a bite of apple before selecting a carrot for dessert.

I will let her have a munch a day until it is gone, being careful to ensure her teeth are well away from the wire.

I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year!

Wreath of vegetables


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