I like to think that I am a practical pony owner. I don’t stress too much about the day-to-day care.

I get organised on days when I have an early start and leave feeds and hay ready to save time and, dare I say it, I top up waters when I’m in a rush rather than empty out and refill, unless they are dirty.

This all changes when I go away for a couple of days. I turn into ‘Anxious Pony Owner’! I have lovely and extremely capable friends who take over the care of my trio when I go away.

However, I suddenly develop a penchant for lists. Lots of lists! Despite their feeding regime being very straightforward with no additives and no medications etc.

I list every minute detail, practically down to the number of droppings expected overnight! Fortunately, my friends find this amusing rather than annoying. (Well, at least that’s what they tell me!)

I always set the beds fair, in that I do a mega muck out (Florence in particular) and I ensure there will be enough bedding in, so that my friends don’t need to add any more when I am away for a couple of days. Obviously, I ensure that there is enough feed and hay to cover the duration.

This time I am only away for a long weekend, and so the girls will just be put on the walker and not turned out as the field is in need of a rest. I always try to make things as easy as possible for the temporary carer of the horses.

Ginny and I always look after each other’s horses wherever possible, and again, Ginny is in charge this time.

I love that she touches base with me twice daily, usually with a photo to let me know all is well.

Having good people as backup is so important, and I am grateful for the help I am given as it means that I don’t worry when I am away.

‘Anxious Pony Owner’ can disappear …until next time!

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